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Birmingham, which did not exist on the map until 1813, is now one of the most populous cities in AlabamA.For nearly 60 years, only small agricultural towns passed by railways were inhabiteD.Long-term primitive conditions eventually made it the only place in the world where steelmaking raw materials (coal mines, iron ore, limestone) coexist within 10 miles of diameter.
In addition to its rich and primitive natural resources, Birmingham has 99 historic blocks, known as the cradle of the American Civil Rights Movement.
If you have plans to come here, you must not miss the following places.
Birmingham Institute of Civil Rights Birmingham Civil Rights Institute The Museum of History showcases the development of the American Civil Rights Movement from the 1950s to the 1960s.
It is also a period of history that has completely changed the course of American progress.
Here, you can see the history of black Americans struggling for civil rights, as well as the moments of the civil rights movement.
The Birmingham Institute of Civil Rights has become one of Birmingham's most historic tourist attractions by showing people from all over the world the changes in American human rights and civil rights.
Natural Food and Activities In addition to its historic significance, Birmingham is also a vibrant city.
Rich sports culture and healthy lifestyle integrate outdoor sports into every corner of the city.
You can go to a baseball game in Barons, or you can experience the charm of outdoor sports in person.
Besides, Birmingham is also a food distribution center.
Here you can taste the freshest and healthiest ingredients, as well as the innovative and amazing culinary art.
If you like freshly picked fruits and vegetables, ready-made jams, delicate desserts and hand-made accessories, you must not miss Saturday Market every week.
Gbagbo Classical Motorcycle Museum Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum The greatest highlight of Gbagbo Classical Motorcycle Museum is that it has its own track!
In addition, there is the longest bridge in AlabamA.The unique architectural design allows 3000 people to stand on the bridge at the same time, which has become another highlight of the museum.
As a motorcycle museum, exhibits can not be underestimated.
The Museum has the largest collection of lotus sports cars in the world and also exhibits the 1964 F1 champion, Ferrari F158. And the Porche Sport Driving School in Barber Motorsports Park is 30% larger than that in Germany.
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