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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
In contemporary life, people claim to reject labels.
However, if they are not posted, it means that the pretense failed, or so saD.In order to better reflect our inner attributes and find our own communities and ethnic groups, we specially provide six different American travel destinations.
棗 We don't want to be comprehensive, but deep!
1. You Pursuing the Limits:
Las Vegas Now in Las Vegas, watching shows, eating buffets, shooting are almost three standard matches, and then share some advanced editions with boots, hoping to be useful.
EXOTICS RACING Track Overruns Kailan Bokini SKYDIVE LASVEGAS High Altitude Parachute Jumping Sundance Las Vegas Helicopter Night Flight 2. American TV fans:
New York This is New York.
What else should I explain?
This is New York.
There's nothing to explain.
Friends, Gossip Girls, Sex and the City, Advertising Madman, Bankrupt Sisters, because there are too many to describe at all.
Everywhere you've been, you've been on the screen.
As for New York in the film, it can be summarized as "The 1001 Ways to Destroy New York".
Yes, aliens like to invade New York.
Superheroes fight and kill on Wall Street.
The end of the world will always be in New York.
As for the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building, they are always directors'favorite crushed building, TOP 3. 3. You Love the Sea:
Hawaii Oahu Island - the most lively, tourists beach grass skirt dance.
The culture is the most diverse, the activities are the most abundant, the most "Hawaiian" amorous feelings.
Big Island - Look at the volcano, the stars, the black sand beach and the green sand beach, the most unique place to play.
The island's highest peak, Haleaka crater, watches the sunrise in the Cloud SeA.One of the most beautiful self-driving roads in the world is Hana RoaD.The whaling town of Lahaina goes to the sea to see whales eat roast pork dinner.
Black Rock watches local warriors diving on cliffs.
4. Film enthusiasts:
Los Angeles Go to Los Angeles for all kinds of pilgrimages.
Your Kobe Bryant, my Muhran Road, may encounter countless Hollywood celebrities.
Why not go to Los Angeles?
Los Angeles hosts entertainment programs for many people, from movies to teams, along the way.
Kobe Bryant has already said goodbye.
Kodak Theatre has changed its name.
Only Angel City, Los Angeles, is so cool that it is always waiting for enthusiasts to arrive.
5. Literary Youth:
Seattle Really stepped into Seattle, only to find that Seattle's romance is not limited to love, but more touching is that every corner is permeated with wonderful literary and artistic bacteria.
Literary and artistic youth are fond of coffee.
"In the moment you get Starbucks coffee, you will never forget to come to a self-timer show.
" Now tell you a secret, right!
Starbucks is home to Seattle.
Now the Starbucks coffee in the streets still uses the brown Mermaid LOGO to commemorate the history of the store.
There are plenty of literary and artistic models in the central library to break the limitation of space.
6. Intellectuals:
Boston It is one of the oldest and most culturally valuable cities in the United States, the center of higher education and health care in the Northeast of the United States, and the most educated city in the United States.
If you go to Boston, you have to visit the campus.
Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Northeast University, etc.
In the eyes of intellectuals, this is the best city in America.
This is a six-class American trip.
Which city are you going to report on?
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    The Austen Museum was founded in 1961, is Texas's most important art Museums, is a Texas people bring joy to the Museum in the art appreciation, which is a collection of modern and contemporary works of art.
    Austen art Museum's mission is to introduce each period, all kinds of culture, focus on the relationship between art and life today, divided into two pavilions, one located in downtown Austen, often held exhibitions and seminars, is in order to adapt the public interest in the exhibition hall, about 6 times the annual exhibition, will also give some twentieth century and contemporary art education project.
    Another exhibition hall is located in Austen lake, is an Italian style villa, has been applied for the national wealth, which is full of valuable art collections in the nearby lake covers an area of 12 acres and a place devoted to sculpture.
    Austen Art Museum exhibition theme, often update types and organized lectures, each exhibition is creative, novel and clinking, become the leading public art gallery.
    Austin Museum of Art
    Reason: Texas's most important art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    city Attractions: Austen [Austin]

    The United States is located in Fort Worth, Texas Gimbel art Museum built in 1972, by the architectural design master Lewis Kang (Louis Kahn) design.
    The art Museum is the most advanced art Museum is the world recognized public art facilities, outstanding design Lewis Kang caused great repercussions in the architectural design sector, people have paid great attention to.
    In a vast and beautiful scenery of the park, a group of beautiful vaulted barrel building connected with the formation of the main form of the Museum, rolling round arched roof exudes classical atmosphere, the appearance of the building stands quiet, simple, elegant style of modern techniques is a unique personal style of Lewis kahn.
    Although the Museum was built in concrete, but not heavy, thanks to the 16 a parallel arranged series of arch construction units.
    40 years, Gimbel Museum of art have been improving their art collections, form their own cultural style.
    Early collection which includes the Monet's "when the tide of Haiwei (Point de la Heve at Low Tide") and Bellini (christ Blessing) "christ blessing" and other works;
    later, the Museum also introduced a lot of Asia, Africa, and America in columbia before the period of works of art.
    Gimbel art Museum is also known as one of the richest American Museum, in order to ensure the quality of the collections, the Museum basically does not accept donations of art, prefers to buy a piece of purchase, every year for the purchase works of art hidden fees of $15 million.
    Kimbell Art Museum
    Reason: as the world's most advanced facilities of Public Art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    Attractions: city of Fort Worth [Fort Worth]

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