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In recent years, more and more business elites choose to go to Silicon Valley to broaden their horizons, upgrade their concepts and innovate in line.
This not only benefits from the unique academic atmosphere of Silicon Valley, but also depends on the source of innovation that began to accumulate decades ago.
Silicon Valley is located in San Francisco, California, through Santa Clara to San Jose, a narrow strip of nearly 50 kilometers.
It is an important electronic industry base in the United States and the most famous electronic industry concentration in the world. compared with German Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing, which has highly developed and improved industrial system, Silicon Valley is gradually formed with the rapid development of microelectronics technology since the mid-1960s.
Its characteristics are based on the world-famous universities such as Stanford, Berkeley and California Polytechnic, which have strong scientific research strength nearby, and on the group of high-tech small and medium-sized companies.
Foundation, and has Cisco, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent, Apple and other large companies, integration of science, technology, production.
Innovation Highlands to Subvert the World; Internet Innovation-New Hardware Age; Innovation Legend and Subversion Power in Silicon Valley; Ultimate Vision of Artificial Intelligence; Design-oriented Thinking Guests:
Artificial Intelligence Professional Lecturer / Executive Officers of Top 500 Companies like Apple or Google Teaching Contents:
Internet Big Data/Latest Robot Research and Cooperation Recommendation Reason:
Stanford University is the university that integrates knowledge and industry most closely, and it is one of the universities that cultivate the most successful entrepreneurs in the worlD.Because its teachers and students have founded 80% of the enterprises in Silicon Valley, they are called "Silicon Valley Incubator".
Its teachers are not only academic masters, but also entrepreneurs and business consultants.
An American scientist said, "Silicon Valley is to the United States, just as the United States is to the world.
" A president of Stanford University said, "Stanford University is to Silicon Valley, just as Silicon Valley is to the United States.
" Stanford University succeeded in Silicon Valley, which feeds Stanford back.
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    ABOUT new-jersey local customs, tourist attractions
    Goethals Bridge bridge connecting Elizabeth in New Jersey and New York, Staten Island, is a cantilever bridge, built and put into use in 1928, is one of the connecting New Jersey and Staten Island, the most important bridge.
    The Gore Searles bridge is 2167 meters long, 19 meters wide, the maximum span of 2.5 meters, about more than 7000 vehicles per day from the bridge flew past, greatly facilitate cross-strait public travel.
    This spectacular bridge only to traffic, do not open the bicycle lanes and sidewalks.
    Popular Gore Searles bridge as "The Sopranos" (The Sopranos) titles appear on screen, is the bridge extremely beautiful, add a lot of style for the film.
    Goethals Bridge
    Reason: one of the most famous American interstate Bridge
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, states: New Jersey and New York [New Jersey and New York States]

    Attractions: Elizabeth city and the city of New York [Elizabeth and New York]

    The Bergen Museum of art and science is located in New Jersey's downtown Hackensack, is a non-profit Museum, the exhibition of art and science, to let more people understand the times the art forms, accept the most popular art, so as to promote the development of social culture.
    The Bergen Museum of art and the art of science and science exhibits numerous exhibits, most donations, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, rich and colorful exhibition dizzying.
    In addition to a variety of exhibitions, in order to promote the development of art and science, the Museum will organize regular art courses, art science, autumn summer camp summer camp, chess course, let more people into the development of science and art.
    In order to expand the collection, the Museum is to support and encourage artists and collectors donated.
    Bergen Museum of Art & Science
    Reason: New Jersey's most famous Museum of Arts and Science
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New Jersey: [New Jersey State]
    Attractions: Hackensack city [Hackensack]

    Franklin ore Museum Franklin ore Museum is located in New Jersey's Franklin District in Sussex county Franklin mine, is a geological Museum, is a Museum of ore.
    The mining industry has prevailed from 1898 to mid 1950s, opened in 1964 for the Museum.
    The state of New Jersey over the years has been the world's largest producer of zinc ore, ore and Franklin mines by fluorescence and many well-known is the world's rare ores.
    The Museum aims to protect the geological and mineral resources, the world's largest fluorescent ore site, by many distinguished geographer and intellectuals known as "the world's largest ore natural classroom".
    The Museum collection of 4000 pieces of mineral samples, which exhibit fluorescence fluorescence of ore ore in the world, the most bright riotous with colour, amazing.
    The Museum also exhibited a mining model, let visitors understand Franklin mine ore mining method.
    Outside the Museum Franklin ore also opened a picnic area, is located in the shade under a tree, with picnic tables and other equipment for tourists, allowing visitors to visit the Museum, will have a good meal.
    Franklin Mineral Museum
    Reason: America's most famous ore Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, New Jersey: [New Jersey State]
    Brook Park cherry Blossoms
    The flowers are blooming, brilliant purples and reds season, we drove to the ornamental cherry creek park.
    Brooks (Branch Brook Park) the park is located in northern New Jersey, Newark (Newwark), covers an area of 360 acres, in the garden for the Passaic River into the creek, named.
    The United States is an open county park.
    This Park cherry well-proportioned, single species, double petal, white, pink four, but the winning number, with more than 2700 of the cherry.
    The number is the United States, March to mid to mid April, when the cherry Blossom Park, Sakura miles, the whole park fragrant, Fangyanwangqu covered the slope everywhere flowers, a beautiful and spectacular, attracting visitors from the eastern United States around sakura.
    Many visitors to exclaim, simply known as cherry creek Park Park, but its original name to forget.
    Stream Park, crystal clear stream, brook filled with lush cherry trees.
    We walk in the flowers, listening to the gurgling sound of water and was blowing and hee spring breeze, like listening to nature's most beautiful symphony;
    looking at the cherry tree full of shining cherry blossoms, add color;
    smell the cherry blossoms emit bursts of seductive fragrance, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind let us Feel the spring is approaching footsteps, I felt very happy.
    銆銆 This year because of the cold weather, spring came late because of the park Sakura postponed blooming time, on April 9th the park has not yet fully blooming Sakura, Sakura season but often only a few weeks, when the petals scattered on the ground, over its short life.
    Listen to his son said, since April 12 park will host the cherry blossom festival activities, arrangement of Japanese art performances, concerts, garden cart..
    The cherry blossom festival activities must be very attractive, especially the Japanese performing arts, Japanese dance, kendo, Japanese drums, will participate in the activities of the visitors.
    Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to participate in this great event.
    can not say that is a pity, then make up only after the United States to travel to visit relatives.
    After waiting to greet the spring cherry blossom.
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