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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Harvard Business School is one of the most famous business schools in the worlD.It was named Harvard Business Administration Institute earlier.
It is one of the Ivy League Business School.
Harvard University is also the oldest and most famous university in the United States.
Since its establishment more than 300 years ago, Harvard University has trained countless politicians, scientists, writers and scholars for the United States and the worlD.So far, eight American presidents have come from HarvarD.Harvard University is brilliant, but Harvard Business School in the university is more commendable.
You will explore how to enhance organizational leadership, structure, processes and culture, develop effective growth strategies, and continue to succeed in intergenerational transmission.
You will enter the Harvard Business School course with reflection, analysis and strategic thinking in the visits of well-known enterprises, and learn to formulate action plans for success.
1. Understand the international atmosphere - play around New York, explore Boston and enjoy Boston's characteristic lobster meal.
2. Inspection of internationally renowned enterprises (reference or equivalent) 3. Morgan Stanley - Exchange Contents:
A Comparison of Investment Banks between China and the United States and Prospects for Investment Banks in China; 4. NASDAQ Stock Exchange - Exchange Contents:
Looking at the Development of China's SME Board from the Market Experience of NASDAQ in the United States; 5. Dinner with the enthusiastic New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
6. Visit and learn from famous universities--Visit MIT, the pioneer leading University of global high-tech and higher research; Study the Global Course of Business Management at Harvard Business School to discuss the transformation of enterprises and the related content of industry evergreen.
Exchange Content:
Looking at the Development of China's SME Board from the Market Experience of NASDAQ in the United States Nasdaq, founded in 1971, is a fully electronic trading, competitive arena for emerging industries, self-regulation, global-oriented stock market.
Nasdaq is the largest stock electronic trading market in the United States and the worlD.NASDAQ stock market is the fastest growing market in the world's major stock markets, and it is the first electronic stock market.
More than half of the stock exchanges in the U.S. market take place on Nasdaq every day, and nearly 5,400 companies are listed on the market.
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