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Silicon Valley, known as the most innovative region in the world, is a holy place for entrepreneurs.
It is an innovative place which is highly praised for creating modern enterprise myths.
Innovation is the gene of Silicon Valley, and subversion is also the gene of Silicon Valley.
When innovation and subversion go hand in hand, they create products and vision that change the worlD.Facebook, Hewlett-Packard and Google all created classic examples of subversive innovation in Silicon Valley, and we can pull out a long list of them.
What breeds subversive innovation in Silicon Valley?
What makes Silicon Valley and its companies different?
Walk into Silicon Valley, find answers to these questions, deeply touch the origin of innovation, and acquire the ability to capture the "tuyere".
Business Visit - Boeing Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and one of the world's largest manufacturers of civil and military aircraft.
In addition, Boeing designs and manufactures rotary-wing aircraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launchers, and advanced information and communication systems.
As NASA's main service provider, Boeing operates the space shuttle and the International Space Station.
Boeing also provides numerous military and civilian airline support services, with customers in more than 90 countries around the worlD.As far as sales are concerned, Boeing is one of the largest exporters in the United States.
Business Visit - Amazon Amazon, the largest online e-commerce company in the United States, is located in Seattle, Washington.
Amazon is one of the first companies to start e-commerce on the internet.
It was founded in 1995. At first, Amazon only managed book sales on the internet, but now it has expanded to a wide range of other products.
It has become the world's largest online retailer of goods and the second largest Internet enterprise in the worlD.Under the company's name, it also includes Alexa Internet, a9, lab126, and Internet electricity.
Film database and other subsidiaries.
Stay in a hotel for a rest after dinner.
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