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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Canada Business Inspection Canadian business visits mainly refer to on-the-spot visits or negotiations conducted by relevant personnel to Canada for investment, trade, conferences, exhibitions and labor services for official or personal reasons.
Such persons enter Canada with a business visit visA.Generally speaking, business visitors to Canada can only stay in Canada for a short time.
They should return home or enter a third country within the time specified in the visA.In addition, the Canadian Immigration Service requires that business visitors to Canada be healthy, have no criminal record, do not pose a threat to Canada's national security, and have sufficient financial capacity to maintain their spending during their stay in Canada.
For official visits to Canada, visa applications should be submitted to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate by note or letter.
Notes or official letters should indicate the purpose of the visit, the time of stay, the date of arrival, the flight number to Canada and the port of entry.
At the same time, the original invitations, telegrams and faxes from the relevant Canadian units should be provideD.The contents must include the detailed purpose, date and time of stay.
If the invitation letters and telegrams indicate that the expenses are borne by the Chinese side, the applicant should also provide the cost burden certificate issued and sealed by the unit in which he works.
The applicant fills in the visa application form (in duplicate) in English, submits two photographs and fills in the "Education and Employment Details" form.
For those who stay for more than 6 months, fill in the work permit form (two sheets) and hand in two photographs.
They should undergo physical examination in the designated hospital of Canada, take X-rays and fill in the relevant forms.
Envoys and consulates shall, in principle, issue one-time entry visas with the same validity period and residence period as required by notes or official letters.
Students in the United States on how to enter the United States University of Arts (2)

PS and the: PS is mainly about your creative thinking and creative ability, should not be too complicated, in some direction on the creation, as far as possible, humanistic thinking. The best partial theoretical research, comment and analysis to the objective, not subjective need, not too avant-garde ideas, but also the research direction of each other and whether you meet the professor. Interview: People think this is the most important, the first general works made in the past, the professor will take the initiative to contact you, you can talk about some topic, let's have a solid understanding of you. Now the good news is that several famous art school in the United States each year to Shanghai, Beijing to do publicity, can advance contact with the school, if their admissions director came to interview, can, hold their own, or pretty opportunity. And the school can also contact, understand the school idea and dynamic. Scholarship: I want to regret to say, many art colleges and universities of professional art is actually cannot provide sufficient funding. The general assistant will provide the opportunity to fight for their own needs, then can do some work for the job, LOAN is a kind of method, some art schools and some institutions will provide funding for international students, but not much. The Art Institute of this year formed a concept that the "rich people", so in order to be able to a good school, or you need to have some work experience and income. The art of success, are generally the first job after school, the school is to reposition their thinking. Also worth mentioning is that many LAC (liberal arts college) with postgraduate education, but less income, are generally rich in aid to students, we can refer to. For example, Oberlin, smith. Choose a school: If you hope to focus on theoretical development, to the best of UNIV's School of art. If you focus on practice and creation, the best professional art institute of college, academy. Inst. Of course, the general direction they also emerged (VS creation theory). Small professional school can help you a good future in the community employment, work and personal creation, is to go to the relevant agencies. UNIV provides you with a good background, most to do research and education institutions.
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