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Business Inspection of American Chemical Industry 1. Deeply understand the characteristics, relevant policies and development trends of the chemical industry in the United States; 2. Systematically cooperate with American chemical enterprises in exchange and negotiation.
Visit Denver Municipal Government, American Agricultural Cooperative Association, World Plant Nutrition Research Institute, Applev Chemical Group, Eldorado Chemical Industry, Monsanto Group and other relevant public service units.
3. Guiding us to control the future development trend of chemical industry from a global perspective, and to acquire efficient and advanced thinking methods and capabilities; Los Angeles Visit the American Seed Trade Association to discuss the role of high technology in the system engineering of sustainable agriculture.
Introduce the latest development and application of scientific research achievements in rotation, fertilizer selection, drip irrigation, soil maintenance, environmental protection and selection.
Visit American Agricultural Cooperative Association, one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in the United States.
It mainly manages the overall marketing of wheat, animal husbandry and Maize in the agricultural industry chain.
It is famous for its grading standards, quality control, efficient logistics and distribution, deep processing and perfect marketing system.
It is very representative of the commercial operation of modern agricultural products in the United States.
Los Angeles-Denver Visit and visit Los Angeles Eco-Farm and Farmers to learn about the organization model of farm ownership, the cultivation of organic vegetables, the use of organic soil, the cultivation of organic refined crops and so on.
Take a US domestic flight to Denver, check in at the hotel after arrival, adjust the jet lag.
After breakfast, I took a bus to visit and visit the World Institute of Plant Nutrition.
I held a discussion with the main leaders of the Institute to understand the latest technology and development trend of plant nutrition cultivation, and to conduct in-depth discussions on possible cooperation between the two sides.
Denver Visit the Denver Municipal Government to understand the current situation and future prospects of cooperation between Denver and Chinese enterprises in energy, electric vehicles, water purification, agricultural products, tourism and many other fields, and explore the supporting situation of American industrial policy after in-depth cooperation.
Denver Visiting and visiting American Applev Chemical Group.
Detailed understanding of the group's development process, R&D model, global production and marketing status, and cooperation mode related to the prefabrication of the National Laboratory of the United States with the relevant leaders, and exploring the possibility of cooperation with the United States.
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