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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
American Medical Industry Business Mission Destination:
Boston, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco Details:
1. Through the investigation of the American medical industry chain, we have a detailed understanding of the advanced technology and advanced concepts of medical management, medical technology, medical equipment, image display, industrial investment and financing in the United States.
2. Visit Best Medical Group, Yinshan Fund, American Medical International Group, Advocate Medical Group, Caesar Medical Group, Cardina Health Medical Group, National Medical Imaging Display System Company, Berkeley Medical College, California State University, etc.
3. Understanding how American medical enterprises and societies operate in an orderly manner Visit National Medical Imaging Display Systems Inc.
Training at the University of California, San Diego Topic:
Neuroradiological Diagnosis Visit the Medical College of California State University Berkeley Topic:
Understanding the Advanced Technology of Medical Management, Medical Technology and Medical Equipment in the United States Official Activities:
Visiting Advocate Medical Group Salary: This problem is not to say, but it seems quite fancy this art college, such as the general professional college students after graduation starting salary is very low only 2-4 million dollars, but the average salary for 10 years after the students can reach 200 thousand of the school is very popular, but UNIV is not the same, you read MA, PHD may have a starting salary 4-8 million, but the average salary after 10 years or so much maintenance, some rose slightly. If you fancy the salary problem, I think, in addition to individual factors, or to consider the school. The following is a student in the United States for some schools now review, for reference: Academy of Art College San Francisco school dormitory in the city, focusing on professional design, low cost, very easy to admit. Art Center College of Deisgn and the California Polytechnic can register for courses with OXY Caltech, the industrial design for admission is relatively easy. Art Institute of southen california school and USC cooperation, including a very famous writing course. Atlanta College of art unique concept of painting has a special direction of their own, generally accepted. Berklee College Music MA music major in cattle, but can complete the course to get a degree and few people, JAZZ are good arrangement theory. California College of art and crafts is focused on the design, general admission, people seem to have views on the mainland. California Institute of the arts of California's most promising college, very few people, a record 100 year, something must try. College of visual arts painting, photography in the United States are very famous, professional and strong, employment security, admission is difficult. Julliard music academy to compose music and some aspects in the United States is a genus of the second, but many are successful in learning, the best experience after the application. Maine College of art MN education in the United States out of the name, the partial college major theoretical and basic education. Massachusetts College of art MA Co. in school level it is difficult to mix. Memphis College of art in the local or small famous, admission difficult, strong regional. Minneapolis College of art and design the school to pay attention to the winter cold, there is a very famous design direction, general admission. North Carolina School of the arts South small ocean school employment security south is to revitalize the development. Rhode Island School of design design, the painting is good, in the United States is like a flock of ducks school, it is difficult to admit. San Francisco Art Institute admitted to education, the environment is good, have a special fund. School of the Art Institute of Chicago 100 recorded a year admitted very easy to Korean, 20 Chinese, the school also quite a character. School of the Museum of fine arts with the Museum Museum of the relationship between iron, thought can be considered, practice is very interesting. School of visual art/savannah cow school, admission is difficult. Cloumbia College Chicago has a personality, school tuition, admission to a position in chicago. Chapman University is very good, movies, TV professionals are very famous. About each school of art will not comment, professional slightly, but the theory is the strongest, research expert, Professor of strong theory, this can see each school school.
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