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A Survey of American Garment Industry Destination:
New York, Washington, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco 1. Deeply understand the American fashion design model, brand strategy, the way of transnational operation and development, the experience of garment import and export operation and channel, chain and logistics management strategy, through the comparison and collision of this trip, learn competition, learn marketing, clear company development strategy positioning; 2. Visit the Canadian Fashion Designers Association FDCC, Diana Von Furstenberg, fashion brand MAGGIE BARRY and other business units, and exchange and cooperation on the possibility of mutual business cooperation; 3. Understand how American enterprises and society operate in an orderly manner and find ways and means to open up European markets.
4. Professional Training of Senior Professors at Harvard University [Morning] Visit FDCC of Canadian Fashion Designers Association to understand Canadian Fashion Design Concept, Fashion Elements, Brand Operation and establish working contacts [Afternoon] Visit Casaloma Castle and the world-famous National TV Tower, then go to Blower/Yorkville to enjoy authentic western food and visit the local upscale fashion shopping area.
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