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    ABOUT local customs, tourist attractions
    Atlanta night A comfortable state.
    Georgia, adjacent to the Atlantic, is one of the four seasons, a comfortable place, because of the rich, known as the "peach, peach".
    The spring here has China Jiangnan jade and vitality, spring, peach branches make spring laugh; summer here without the south hot, only a The grass is green and luxuriant.
    shade; autumn here is not the north leaves Montreal desolate, but filled with intoxicating leaves; here the northern winter is not a world of ice and snow, here occasionally can see the snow scenery.
    In addition to geographical advantages, Georgia has a pivotal position in the history of.
    During the American Civil War and the civil rights movement in Georgia, the people for freedom, equality, and 1, and has an irreplaceable position in the history.
    The delicacy, Georgia also inherited the southern tradition with historical flavor, from local cheese and smoked barbecue, seafood is caught and other southern dishes are waiting to diners taste buds.
    Georgia spring Atlanta Olympic Games rise in capital The state capital of Atlanta, she was successfully held in 1996 of the twenty-sixth Summer Olympics and was known as Chinese.
    In this dynamic state, you can do shopping, buy soft legs, acid; can also do a gourmet, taste authentic Southern delicacy; more can be released as a sports fan or music lovers all the passion, watch the eagles battling in the NBA game scene, they cry, cheer, or is the father of Bruce Lei listen to the blues in the fashionable pub? Charles's "my heart" of georgia.
    Here do not feel a big city crowded and nervous, only a comfortable atmosphere.
    The Olympic Games will be held after the rapid rise of Atlanta, and became the southern entertainment and cultural center.
    Former president Jimmy Carter came to the United States? The museum, a display of President Carter and the leaders of the 1 China signed the "Sino US relations precious original bulletin" allows you to eye-opening.
    Even if not in Washington, a complete simulation of the White House Office of President Carter also allows you to experience his political career to the president personally on the scene.
    Piedmont Park Piedmont Park is a city park located in Atlanta, established in 1895, covers an area of 189 acres, has been the city of Atlanta Sports Center, sports center and entertainment center, comparable with the Central Park in New York.
    Piedmont Park Park has several elegant trails, very suitable for walking, jogging, biking and inline skating, by the sports enthusiasts.
    Whenever the weekend afternoon, the entertainment space skateboarding and inline skating enthusiasts who share, this exhibition will show you the most beautiful posture, posture to the audience.
    The picnic area park are also popular, with picnic tables, benches, trash a variety for visitors, provide the most considerate service.
    Piedmont Park is a sports fan favorite, tennis center, swimming center, softball field, soccer field, beach volleyball equipment.
    Of course, like fishing people can find a space of their own in the Piedmont Park, Park Lake in breeding largemouth bass, crappie, carp, and catfish, designed for fisher.
    Piedmont Park
    Reason: Atlanta's most famous city park Spots continents: North America [North America]

    Scenic region / Country: the United States [America]

    Attractions: Georgia, [Georgia, State]

    Atlanta city attractions: [Atlanta]

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