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European clothing retail chain inspection.
Stockholm-La Coruna-Paris.
1. Deeply understand Swedish, Spanish and French garment retail chain enterprises, in-depth understanding of fashion design model, brand strategy, chain operation experience and channel, chain operation strategy, and exchange on the possibility of mutual business cooperation.
2. Visit French Fashion Group, Swedish H&M, Chain Garment ZARA Headquarters and other official units 3. Understand how European enterprises and societies operate in an orderly manner and find ways and means to open up European markets.
[Morning] Visit Swedish fashion retail chain giant H&M to communicate with the company's relevant leaders, understand the company's R&D system, brand strategy and the development of transnational chain operations, and establish working contacts.
[Afternoon] Visit the Nobel Prize-winning City Hall, Vasa War Boat Museum, Cathedral.
In 1961, the Swedish authorities ordered the salvage of the Vasa Museum of Warships.
Although the voyage history is very short, the Swedes are still regarded as national treasures because they present the technology and art of Swedish man-made ships in the seventeenth century, especially the woodcarving skills on ships, which are still appreciated today.
[Morning] Visit the French Fashion Group (FRENCH FASHION GROUP) to communicate with the company's relevant leaders to understand the company's R&D system, brand strategy and transnational business development.
The French Fashion Group was founded in 1988 by the French Chinese couple DANIEL and SOPHIE.
It has a R&D and production base with a construction area of nearly 300,000 square meters, headquartered in 11 flourishing districts in the heart of Paris, the Romantic Capital of the worlD.It owns KARLA DESING, RUNWAY, Mislai Fashion (Guangzhou), Mislai Textile (Shanghai) Co.
, Ltd, and Shanghai Stowe Textile Co.
, LtD.and has KARLA, MISS.
YOU, MY CALLECTIAN, MISS OLAYA, MYOKIE and other well-known international brands [Afternoon] Tour Paris, the "Flower Capital of the World", and visit the Louvre, the French national treasure house of art on the right bank of the Seine River.
Built in the 13th century, the world's largest art museum, you will have the opportunity to witness not only the most outstanding "three treasures of the town palace" - the mysterious "Mona Lisa", the incomplete but perfect "Venus" and "Goddess of Victory" statues, but also Da Vinci's "Notre Dame of the Rocks", Raphael's "Beautiful Gardener" and Angel's "Turkish Bathroom".
» And so on many handed down treasures.
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    ABOUT louisiana local customs, tourist attractions
    Lake Pontchartrain causeway Lake Pontchartrain bridge is located in the us state of Louisiana south, across Lake Pontchartrain, connecting New Orleans and Mandela Maxwell, a total length of 38.35 km.
    The longest bridge in the world was first built in 1969, was included in the Guinness book of world records, is currently the world's second Long bridge.
    Lake Pontchartrain bridge consists of two parallel bridges, there are 9500 concrete pile supported bridge.
    The 1 1956 Bridge opened to traffic, the 2 Bridge 1969 Bridge opened to traffic, 2 than the 1 bridge is about 16 meters long.
    The original two-way bridge tolls of $1.5, 1999 years 5 months to ease traffic jams, instead of one.
    way toll charge $3. 8 2005, in the event of Hurricane Katrina, although the bridge also damaged, but the damage in almost all the older 1 bridge, and the bridge foundation is still intact.
    The hurricane destroyed Interstate 10, Lake Pontchartrain bridge has become the main channel of the rescue team in New Orleans.
    Lake Pontchartrain bridge is very busy every day, the bridge is a lot of traffic coming to pass, the daily volume of about 43000 vehicles, become the most important bridge in Louisiana.
    Lake Pontchartrain causeway
    Reason: the longest bridge
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    Than the coca.cola Museum board Hahn You love to drink coca.cola?
    Do you know who is the earliest invention of coca.cola?
    Do you know what coca.cola is invented?
    Do you know the history of many years of coca.cola?
    If you love coca.cola, also want to understand these problems, go to visit the Museum than a coca.cola Hahn board.
    The Museum is located in the coca.cola board than the Hahn Monroe of Louisiana, established in 1913, named for the first production of bottled coca.cola --- Joseph Beadon Hahn (Joseph Biedenharn).
    In 1894, John - History - curtis Peng Burton (Dr.
    John Stith, Pemberton) to a syrup and carbonated water mixed he invented together, the world's first coca.cola cup made of Joseph than the board of people all over the world are making coca.cola Hahn know.
    The Museum tells the history of the Beadon Hahn family, coca.cola's invention and development history, the first bottle of coca.cola's production process, for the production of bottled coca.cola machine copy, coca.cola's advertising history and memorabilia associated with coca.cola.
    Biedenharn coca.cola Museum
    Reason: Louisiana, the most famous coca.cola Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: Monroe [Monroe]

    Alexandria Zoo The zoo is located in the state of Louisiana, Alexandria Alexandria, in 1926 Park, covers an area of 33 acres, is the ideal home 500 animal.
    In order to let zoo enhance people's embracing consciousness, so that people can better understand the surrounding world, thus enhancing the protection and care of nature.
    The Alexandria zoo trees, beautiful scenery, is an oasis in the city, but also the ideal choice for leisure.
    The zoo's animal from around the world, visitors can watch the Asian elephant, Bengal tiger, hippo, striped hyena, california sea lion, scimitar horned Oryx, short, camel, red fox aoudad, create a good living environment for the animal, let them is like living in a natural environment.
    The zoo has a variety of special animal special exhibition hall, Museum, the Museum introduces kinds of animal belongs to the living habits and characteristics, in addition, can also watch some animal specimens.
    The zoo's opening time for every day from 9:00 to 17:00, Thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day.
    Alexandria Zoological Park
    Reason: Louisiana's most famous zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    Attractions: [Alexandria]

    city of Alessandria The Black Lake National Wildlife Animal Protection Zone The Black Lake National Wildlife Animal Protection Zone is located in the us state of Louisiana is one of Louisiana, Ouachita county, five wild animal protection area, established in 1977, covers an area of 4200 acres, is the reserve of a civilized world ocean, visitors.
    The picturesque Black Lake area of 2000 acres, all by Monroe, second water Monroe water, many wild animal, birds and fish live in their homes.
    More than 800 acres of farmland reforestation, planting 8 lowland hardwoods, red billed woodpecker paradise.
    The reserve of the vast area to provide a great opportunity to get close to nature tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful view to a landscape of lakes and mountains, also many wild animals and plants.
    Living in protected areas, including wild animal reptile amphibian animal, the snapping turtle inhabits the lake.
    The Black Lake National Wildlife Animal Protection Area year-round attracts photographers, botanists, zoologists and nature lovers come, bird watching, jungle adventure became the most popular entertainment.
    Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge
    Reason: one of the most important wild animal protection area in Louisiana
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: Monroe [Monroe]

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