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Business Investigation on Low Carbon Environmental Protection and Emission Reduction in Western Europe Destination:
Berlin-Dessau-Zurich-Geneva-Milan-Bologna-Rome-Paris Details:
Examination of revenue 1. Understanding the measures and policies of governments, industry associations, enterprises in Western Europe on environmental protection, emission reduction and low-carbon operation; 2. Visit German Mining Association, German Federal Environment Agency, Swiss Federal Ministry of Environment and Energy and French Ministry of Environment.
3. Specialized training of the First University of Paris on the construction of ecological civilization; 4. Explore the possibility of cooperation with the same industry and establish working contacts; 5. Understanding how European enterprises and societies operate in an orderly manner; [Morning] Visit the head of German Mining Association and Association to learn about the technology of environmental protection and emission reduction, low carbon operation and safety control in German coal mines, and establish working contacts.
[Afternoon] Visit Alexandria Square, Red City Hall, Berlin Cathedral Berlin-Dessau After breakfast, take a bus to Deshao [Afternoon] Visit and visit the German Federal Environment Agency to discuss with the relevant responsible persons, to understand in detail the German experience of low carbon emission reduction, green environmental protection related initiatives and technical policies in the field of coal environmental protection.
[Morning] Visit the French Ministry of the Environment to learn about the current situation of the French environmental protection industry and the French government's environmental policy.
[Afternoon] Visit the Louvre, one of the oldest, largest and most famous museums in the world.
[Night] Enjoy the famous Moulin Rouge singing and dancing performance in Paris (optional self-financed project)
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