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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the common problems of studying abroad visas in the United States?
What are the common problems of American study visas, how to sign them smoothly and which situations are easily refused.
Are students'learning objectives clear?
"In order to convince the visa officer that you have a clear learning purpose and plan, your answer must be based on your own actual situation and the characteristics and development status of your major.
At the same time, it should also be combined with the future application prospects to clarify the reasons for the visa officer to go abroad and eliminate the visa officer's doubts about you.
In view of the visa officer's investigation of this aspect, three parts of the visa interview can give a favorable response to the visa officer's judgment of immigration tendency.
Ability to pay the full cost U.S. visa officers also need to examine the financial situation of students.
That is, whether students have enough funds to support their study in the United States, without illegal employment or burden on American society.
There is no clear requirement for the duration of student bonds in American visas.
The long deposit period of the funds makes it easy for the visa officer to believe in the legitimate source of the funds, but as long as the explanation is correct, it will also be persuasive.
Especially at present, a large number of financial products have a strong momentum.
Few parents will deposit large amounts of money in the bank for a long time.
Some parents only prepare their deposits one month or less before their children's visa, and the visa officer also smoothly gives the children's visa.
Ability to complete studies in the United States Liu Shan, business director of Xuemei Student Jinan Branch, said that students'sufficient learning ability is another important factor for visa officers to inspect.
In fact, most Chinese students in the United States share the greatest common feeling that they are free to study in American universities, but it is not easy to complete their studies.
The teaching system of American colleges and universities is mainly divided into two stages:
basic courses and specialized courses.
The credit system is implementeD.Each major will indicate how many credits it needs to complete and which basic courses it needs to complete before it can be selecteD.Entering the professional course stage, there are also many elective courses, and each course has corresponding credits.
Students can return home on time after graduation According to Wang Wei, manager of Kim Gillette's U.S. Department of Foreign Studies, the last factor for visa officers to examine is whether students have immigration tendencies and whether they can return home on time after graduation.
American experts recommend that students describe themselves and their families in detail when introducing themselves.
Visa officers prefer to see students'social status and social relations at home become a link between China and the United States.
Generally speaking, students who apply for business majors in the United States are more likely to get visas from the United States because their families are generally in a better economic situation.
In addition, according to past experience, business students tend to return home for development.
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