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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to Prepare Visa Interview First of all, we should have a deep understanding of ourselves.
When you can convince yourself, it's a step closer to convincing VO.
VO likes Prepare.
Tell him why you want to study abroad and why you want to choose that school (school curricula, this period of study in American schools will help you to improve your personal value rather than China as a whole, because you can only represent yourself at this stage), and what preparation you have made for going to this school (academically, mentally and financially, let them do it).
Knowing that you are serious, surveyed, not just a whim, what is the inseparable link between taking this course and your future career planning, and how your career is inseparable from China (in fact, Secondly, the attitude of visa interview.
We advocate self-confidence, generosity, initiative, and a conversational style similar to explaining a short-term or long-term plan to a friend.
Thirdly, pay attention to the practice before the interview.
Find a person who has not prepared the whole application process with you, and talk about your school selection reasons, professional situation, financial preparation and future planning.
He can ask questions whenever he doesn't understand them.
You can explain.
This is a process of sorting out ideas.
We can find different people to ask questions, adjust the logical order of the answers and the accuracy of the language according to the feedback information, and try to persuade VO to get the visa smoothly in the short interview process of about one and a half minutes.
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