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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the categories of visas?
According to the situation of entry and exit, visas can be divided into six categories:
exit visa, entry visa, entry and exit visa, entry and exit visa, re-entry visa and transit visA.The exit visa only permits the holder to leave the country.
If he wants to enter the country, he must apply for an entry visa again.
An entry visa allows only the holder to enter the country.
If he wants to leave the country, he must apply for an exit visa again.
The holder of the entry-exit visa may leave or re-enter the country.
The holder of multiple entry and exit visas may be allowed to enter or leave the country within the validity period of the visa.
According to the rules of entry and exit, the types of visas can be divided into:
diplomatic visa, official visa, immigrant visa, non-immigrant visa, courtesy visa, tourist visa, work visa, study abroad visa, business visa and family visA.Every country is different.
According to the length of time, visas are divided into long-term visas and short-term visas.
The concept of a long-term visa is to stay in the country of destination for more than three months.
It usually takes a long time to apply for a long-term visa regardless of the purpose of the visit.
Visas that stay in the country of destination for less than three months are called short-term visas, which take relatively short time to apply for short-term visas.
According to the number of entry, it can be divided into one entry visa and multiple entry visa.
According to the number of users, it can be divided into:
individual visa and group visa.
According to the convenience provided to the holder:
there are separate paper visas, landing visas, etc.
At present, visas in most countries of the world are divided into diplomatic visas, official visas and ordinary visas.
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    ABOUT michigan local customs, tourist attractions
    The blue water bridge
    The blue water bridge is an international bridge connecting international, Michigan in the United States and the canadian province of Ontario, the Port Huron Sarnia, across the St. clair River, for the international border Bridge North America second busiest, second only to the United States and canada Ambassador Bridge connection.
    The blue water bridge from east across the St. clair River Bridge, the first bridge opened in 1038, 1883 meters long, 12 meters wide, the maximum span of 265 meters.
    Because of heavy traffic, the first bridge can not meet the growing demand for vehicles, the bridge came into being, opened in 1997, 1862 meters long, 16 meters wide, the maximum span of 281 meters.
    This bridge is called | be made one, "blue water bridge", is one of the most important bridge connecting the United States and canada, every day about 14000 car galloped off from the bridge.
    The blue water bridge under the St. clair River as its name, blue, with pale blue sky and magnificent chic beautiful bridge.
    Blue Water Bridge
    Reason: one of the most important bridge between the United States and canada
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Michigan: [Michigan State]
    city Attractions: Port Huron [Port Huron]

    Grand Rapids (English: Grand Rapids), also known as: Daxi city, Michigan, the second largest city in the United States (after Detroit).
    The city is located in the Rio Grande (Grand River) on both sides, hence the name in the center of the jet flow.
    The city is famous for its Home Furnishing design and manufacturing industry, is also the hometown of Gerald Ford, the thirty-eighth, thirty-ninth president of the United states.
    1826 Grand Rapids began to set up trade station, built in 1850. Because of the use of rich timber resources, Grand Rapids become one of the largest furniture manufacturing center at the end of the 19th century, is now the world's third.
    largest office furniture manufacturer's headquarters, the furniture city reputation.
    The Museum of the city to save and show 19 since the beginning of the 21st century famous furniture designer.
    In addition, the famous Grand Rapids and Industry: automobile industry, aircraft manufacturing, publishing and production of furniture design industry.
    Population statistics Distance according to the us census 2010, Grand Rapids, the urban population of 188040 people, a large urban population of 774160, the total population of 1 million people.
    education Grand Rapids is the gathering place of higher education resources in Michigan.
    The famous university including Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids community college, Michigan State University and Ferris State University of Kendall college of art and design.
    International Airport Grand Rapids International Airport is named after the name of the president of Ford.
    Gerald Ford International Airport Gerald R.
    Ford International Airport (GRR) has 23 routes including international routes, and 5 Airlines settled.
    The president's hometown editor Ford president was born 7 1913 14 in the United States, Omaha city, formerly known as Leisler Rich Kim (Leslie Lynch, King, Jr.
    But shortly after the birth of their parents divorced, with his mother to Michigan Grand Rapids and renamed Gerald Ford.
    In August 9, 1974 following the Watergate ouster of Richard Nixon, to become the thirty-eighth president.
    Ford is the only US president who was not elected as president and vice president of the people, but he lost to Jimmy carter in the presidential election of November 1976, and left office in January 1977. In December 27, 2006, former us President Gerald Ford died and was buried here, at the age of 93, this is the oldest president in American history.
    Ford is a "nice", a gentle and humble, easy-going, so that some people say that he is "the White House boy scouts".
    Although he is an experienced 30 years of political struggle veteran, over the years by opponents of the tree is surprisingly.
    The American Museum of magic People love to see the magic, magic show people praise, but also surprised at the rich and colorful magic Magic is the product of human wisdom, in modern society, a large variety of magic in the world stage, to attract people's attention.
    Do you want to know where the magic charm?
    Then if the American Museum of magic a.
    American Museum of magic is located in Marshall of Michigan, founded in 1978, is the largest Museum of magic, and it is also one of the world's largest Museum has a large collection of magic, magic and magic and related items.
    Over the past 30 years, the Museum has been to the rich and colorful magic to attract audiences around the world. The Museum's collection of a wide variety, variety, reflects the development and progress of the magic of the four century, including 2009 leaflets, flyers, cards, 587 posters, 10000 books, more than 24000 magazines, more than 46000 photos and letters, in addition, there are programs, advertising banners, magic sets, the performer's Scrapbook and relevant props, as well as the world famous magician Houdini milk cans and boxes.
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