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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is the minimum amount of financial guarantee to apply for study in the United States?
According to the requirement of funding guarantee for school application and visa in the United States, one-year tuition and living expenses of students should be guaranteed as capital guarantee.
The minimum amount of guarantee is limited to RMB 300,000 yuan.
The Board of Education estimates that tuition fees at public universities and private universities will increase by 18% and 13% in the next two years.
It is understood that in the past decade, the cost of American colleges and universities has been rising, far exceeding the increase in the life index, and there is a continuing upward trend.
In the current situation, one of the key factors for obtaining the right to enter American universities is the ability of applicants to pay for expensive university education.
Therefore, applicants for visas for students studying in the United States must ensure that they have sufficient funds during their study in the United States, so as not to cause public burden or illegal work.
To this end, foreign students must provide credible materials to prove that they have sufficient funds to cover all expenses in the first year of study in the United States, and applicants must also prove that they have sufficient funds for each year of study in the future.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Florida: American Recreation camp
    Introduction Life in Florida more than 5000 manatee.
    Due to the lack of life at 15 DEG c below the temperature in winter, so 11 months to 3 months, in Florida coast or river estuary, it is easy to see that this animal infested.
    Florida is full of vitality, sunshine and warm place.
    This charming city, an exquisite scenery, like walking on the blue sea beauty toes, with 100. Either party animal, or nature alone, can as a pleasurable occupation here.
    Orlando city amusement park click to the next page The first impression of Orlando, from the aerial view of the total plane.
    The leafy red roof, a blue lake.
    Not into the park, to feel the feeling of fairy tale cottage.
    Florida low-lying wetlands and marsh is the typical landscape, the highest elevation is 105 meters, many houses are built in nearby Orlando springs or lakes.
    Orlando's reputation as Miami loud, but it has been many travel reviews for the world's most exciting city.
    All of these are from the beginning of the mouse, a little mouse, the achievements of the great industrial Disney empire.
    A city of Orlando is the four Disney theme park, two Universal Studios theme park, a Ocean Park.
    No wonder kids about Orlando look cheerful.
    Live in an American home, the old couple.
    He has a beautiful house and garden.
    The backyard directly on the 0 to the depths of the lake.
    The host Les is a pharmacist, who won the M.
    K photography award.
    The old couple are cancer patients, but life is optimistic and romantic The hostess Ella every day in our bed on the fresh roses.
    And told me she planted roses and roses - trick every day to chat, so it can feel your love.
    No wonder Les photography was to impress the judges M.
    K, the Photography Prize is to record the friendship, affection, family happiness as the ultimate goal, and Les makes the judges believe that the fairy tale kingdom really has a fairy tale existence!
    click to the next page Tips In Orlando, must write down my car in the parking lot area, parking lot to come out at night visitors huge easily get loSt. In addition to the amusement park, there are a lot of Orlando will empty your wallet.
    Here are 3 Outlet and Shopping Mall many discount stores.
    Be sure to check your love brand on the website before you go, otherwise it will go to.
    Mararia Florida live more than 5000 manatee.
    Due to the lack of life at 15 DEG c below the temperature, so the winter of November to March of the following year, along the coast of Florida or the mouth of the river, it is easy to see that this animal infested.
    Look, you will find many manatee (manatee) named names, what manatee Bay, river, manatee.
    Sarasota apartment across the dock called manatee Bay, the sea Simon told me here and you can see.
    Manatee action is not very flexible, often by passing the boat bump or propeller stirring injury.
    I am looking forward to every morning waiting at the pier, expect to encounter a.
    Unfortunately, really bad luck, not to be able to meet.
    Or go to the manatee viewing center, there is a thermal power station.
    The water out of the power plant is very high, the manatees love warm place, so gather a lot.
    The water is clear, can see a lot of fish swimming in the water, and even ray.
    But I am looking forward to the manatees?
    Has been in the water to find traces of them, finally saw one nose out of the water, spray a little water, and continue to dive in a leisurely manner.
    Know their habits, to see the roadside signs, which found a lot in the water.
    It will never manatee ashore, like a dolphin do sprint jumping.
    They are in the water slowly or sleep, showing only a small fin, or back.
    can not see the picture of the little manatee disappointed.
    But how are less than the year columbo so disillusioned.
    It is said that columbo was immersed in the mermaid's longing, and hope to his beloved mistress "Anna" named.
    Finally in the caribbean, seaman captured a manatee and told columbo, this is what he has been looking forward to.
    columbo couldn't believe the mermaid beautiful and sacred legend is actually so ugly and clumsy.
    So, that night with the disappointment of the "Anna" for his dinner.
    Florida ornamental manatee area Tips West coast: crystal River (visible this year manatees, travel and tourism projects with the manatees every day), Homosassa National Park, Tampa Electric company, Manatee Viewing center, Lee county Manatee Park.
    Blue Spring State Park East coast: Manatee Observation, &Education center, Florida Power and Light co.
    , Manatee Observation center.
    In Florida, anyone at any time, in any way deliberately disturb life manatees are considered illegal behavior.
    You can go swimming and manatees, but not disturbing them.
    INFO travel information Traffic car rental china, not the UN "Geneva convention on road traffic" and "States parties to the Vienna convention on road traffic", so china driver's license can be used in the United States varies from state to state.
    The original 16 years china tourists (the B visa) to chinese, driver's license can be legal in the us state of Florida self driving tour.
    But the state legislature amended the terms in 2012, 2013 that foreigners must use an international driver's license in the state of Florida driving.
    But the state departments issued a statement in February 14, 2013, temporarily not to enforce the law.
    The house of representatives of Florida March vote or the law.
    The Florida Senate vote on pay day.
    Not surprisingly, the new bill will allow foreign tourists to use their valid driver's license driving in Florida state.
    The best travel season: in Miami and southern Florida, from December to February is the warm dry season, from June to October is hot and rainy.
    Is the main summer tourist season in the north of the city of St. Augustine and other.
    Winter north wind, need to wear a coat, basically can not swim.
    Shopping guide: Florida is a good place for fashion shopping.
    From a variety of world famous brand Outlet to discount stores, a superb collection of beautiful things commodities can meet the needs of all people.
    Especially Orlando, in the urban area, there are 3 Outlets, Prada, Ferragamo, Armani, Burberry, Fendi, Hugo, Boss can also find these big european.
    The United States food delicacy: in fact is not the legendary so unbearable.
    carefully looking for, can also find special delicious In Florida, in addition to sweet Orange Juice, a stone crab is also quite delicious, only the winter fresh market.
    One of the great swamp area of oysters and crocodile meat is also featured.
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