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    Where America Must Go
    Yellowstone national park
    YellowstoneNationalPark, or Yellowstone, is the world's first national park.
    It was established in 1872.
    Yellowstone national park is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming and extends to Idaho and Montana in the northwest.
    It covers an area of 8,956 square kilometers.
    Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls is located on the border of Ontario, Canada and New York, the United States.
    With an average flow of 5,720 cubic meters per second, iguazu falls and Victoria falls are also known as the three largest transnational waterfalls in the world.
    Avenue of stars
    Nearly 2,300 signatures and handprints paid tribute to more than 2,000 artists who have made great contributions to the film, radio, television, drama and recording industries.
    The Hollywood Walk of Fame was built in 1958 as a walkway along Hollywood boulevard and vine street.
    Statue of liberty
    Inside the harbor of New York City is an island called liberty island, on which stands a huge statue of a woman.
    As she is situated just off the New York harbor line, the huge statue is the first thing that comes into view as the ship sails into New York bay.
    This is the famous statue of liberty, the full name of the statue of liberty international monument.
    The central park
    New York's central park is a large urban park located in Manhattan, is the most beautiful urban park in the metropolitan area of the world, known as the "back garden" of New York.
    It starts at 59th street in the south, reaches 110th street in the north (about 2.
    5 miles north and south), and is bounded east and west by the famous fifth avenue and central park west avenue (about 0.
    5 miles).
    Yosemite national park
    It is one of the most beautiful and most visited national parks in the western United States, along with the grand canyon national park and Yellowstone national park, located in the sierra Nevada mountains in eastern California.
    Yosemite national park known for its Yosemite valley, Yosemite is said to be the name of an Indian tribe that once lived here.
    Times square
    Also known as "the crossroads of the world", it is a block in Manhattan, New York City.
    It is located at the intersection of West42nd Street and Broadway, east and west from 6th Avenue to 9th Avenue.
    The golden gate bridge
    When people cross the Pacific to San Francisco, the first thing they see is a huge suspension bridge over the bay.
    This is the famous golden gate bridge.
    The Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in 1937, is about 2.
    7 kilometers long.
    Greenwich village
    The birthplace of various radical ideas and literary trends in the United States, the home of the counterculture, the spiritual landmark of the 1960s, the home of utopia.
    This is Greenwich village on New York City's west side.
    Today's Greenwich village still looks good, but many of its buildings are wealthy residential areas.
    Old San Diego
    The old city of San Diego is not only the birthplace of San Diego, but also a small town full of Mexican flavor.
    As the first Spanish colonial area in California, the old city retains the primitive architecture and quiet life of the 19th century.
    Located in the center of San Diego, the old city of Santiago is a beautiful and fun historical city.
    Fifth avenue This is center street in Manhattan, lined with gleaming glass skyscrapers, men in suits and women in dresses carrying briefcases in and out.
    This is the shopping center of New York City, synonymous with "the highest quality and taste".
    You can find almost every famous store you can think of on this street.
    Located at the southwest end of Manhattan island, New York City, is an area of less than 0.
    A 17-square-mile community of about 6,541 residents.
    Soho is small but famous for its unique artistic style and fashion, making it a must-see for visitors to New York.
    Mount McKinley
    As the highest mountain in North America, mount McKinley attracts tourists and climbers from all over the world.
    For the convenience of ordinary tourists, a zigzag path has been built here, leading to the top of the mountain.
    The trail is 58 kilometers long.
    Much of the path is often covered with snow because of the vagaries of the weather.
    Antelope canyon
    Antelope canyon is one of the world's most famous slit canyons and a popular photo spot.
    Located in the north of Arizona, the closest city is Paige city, which belongs to the Navajo aboriginal reserve.
    Topographically, antelope canyon is divided into two independent parts, called upper antelope canyon and lower antelope canyon.
    Torrents of water gushed from the mouth of antelope canyon, which was just over a man wide.
    And the light varies so much that it takes only a short period of midday for sunlight to reach the valley floor through a few gaps.
    Stanford university
    The buildings at Stanford were flat, yellow brick and red tile, the cathedrals of seventeenth-century Spain -- no harvard, no Yale, no ivy on the walls of the Northeastern University.
    When I entered the university, the first thing I saw was a red-roofed building surrounded by earthen yellow stone walls, connected by arcades and lined with palm cangue, which was full of thick cultural and academic atmosphere in the interaction between classic and modern.
    Stanford has long had a reputation for producing top students.
    Grand canyon
    The grand canyon, located on the kebab plateau in northwestern Arizona, is one of the most spectacular views on earth.
    The Colorado river cuts 19 major canyons on the Colorado plateau, with a total area of 2,724.
    7 square kilometers, among which the deepest, widest and longest is the grand canyon.
    At 446 kilometers long, it is one of the longest canyons in the world.
    The canyon is 6 to 28 kilometers wide at the top and 1,800 meters deep at its deepest point.
    The bottom of the water is less than 1000 meters wide, summer melting water, water depth to 18 meters.
    Wall Street
    Wall Street is the name of a large street stretching from Broadway to the east river in New York City's lower Manhattan district.
    It is only a third of a mile long and only 11 meters wide.
    Managers of the banking, insurance, shipping, and rail companies founded by the Morgan chaebol, the Rockefeller oil barons, and the dupont syndicate are concentrated here.
    The famous New York stock exchange is also here and is still the headquarters of several major exchanges: nasdaq, the American stock exchange.
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