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Exclusive Stanford V Experience the Learning Life of Famous Schools Walk into Stanford University Campus and enjoy the real campus learning atmosphere of the world's famous universities in close proximity, and understand the daily learning life of the celebrities coming out of here.
V Exclusive Stanford Thinking Course Stanford Design Thinking is one of the most difficult courses in StanforD.By learning to divert students'thinking logic, students can exercise their ability to think and solve problems actively.
V Restore the Most Real College Classroom Stanford front-line teachers teach all the lessons, participate in heated discussions after class, restore the most authentic classroom teaching, and stay in the rich learning atmosphere of famous schools; V personally practices famous Silicon Valley Enterprises Enter the famous Silicon Valley enterprises, follow the steps of engineers to understand the working environment of high-tech companies, personally study and practice here, feel the charm of high-tech; Panoramic view of California V.
American and Western Cultural Experience Visit UCLA or USC, one of the top universities in the United States and the West, listen to their learning and sharing, and appreciate the campus culture and charm of the world's famous universities.
V Front-end Technology Experience Walk into the California Science Center, close contact with the Space Shuttle Endeavour, marvel at the changes that science has brought to mankind, visit the Griffith Observatory, look up at the vast stars, and understand the magic of the universe.
V Sports Entertainment Experience Hi, Hollywood Universal Studios, let go of their adrenaline, walk into the hearts of millions of fans, watch the NBA regular season matches live, feel the crazy love of the American people for basketball.
Historical and Humanistic Experience Enjoy California's most beautiful scenery, leave your own footprints in Starlight Avenue, Nine Flowers Street, Fisherman's Wharf, and feel the beauty of the West Coast of the United States.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    2018 the most livable city in the United States.
    The us News &
    World Report, a well-known news magazine that publishes the us University Survey and rankings every year, ranks the most livable cities in the United States in 2018. The ranking combines data from the us census Bureau, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Labor and the us News to rank 125 urban areas in the United States.
    It mainly refers to residential cost, employment rate, education quality, crime rate and other indicators.
    Austin, the capital of Texas, topped the list for two consecutive years, Springs, colorado, and Denver were ranked 23, while New York, as it is known, was only 96. The following are the top ten rankings.
    But for many international students and American immigrants, big cities offer more job opportunities, more choices in education and more convenient living, so American immigrants are more willing to settle in big cities.
    01 Austen Texas Prefecture Average annual salary: $50830;
    Nearby famous University: texas University Austen;
    Austin, Texas's capital, is not only a political center, but also an educational center, where "music, outdoor activities and cultural activities" gather.
    In addition, Austin's technology is also developed, once known as "Silicon Hill" Silicon Hill, semiconductor and computer industries are developing rapidly, attracting a large number of scientific and technological personnel to settle here every year.
    02 Springer colorado Prefecture Average annual salary: $49450;
    Nearby famous universities: University of colorado, colorado college, colorado Polytechnic University, the United States Air Force Academy;
    The city is well received for its rich university resources, prosperous job market, military bases, and developed aviation and tourism.
    03 Denver colorado Prefecture Average annual salary: $54910;
    Nearby famous universities: University of Denver and Denver nursing college;
    Like Austen, Denver's active job market and higher salaries have attracted people's attention.
    This city, built by the gold rush, has become one of the most important cities in the mountainous area of the United States.
    04 Des Moines Iowa Average annual salary: $49420;
    Nearby famous universities: Vatterott college;
    Des Moines is Iowa's largest city.
    As a more developed agricultural city in the Midwest, it is sparsely populated, inexpensive, inexpensive and has a high happiness index.
    05 Fayetteville Arkansas Average annual salary: $44980;
    Nearby famous universities: University of Arkansas;
    Fayetteville is the third largest city in Arkansas, located in the center of Washington county.
    It is home to many of the world's top 500 companies, such as Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods.
    At present, the city is developing at a high speed, from a small town to today's high-quality education, culture, commerce and economically developed metropolis.
    06 portland Oregon Average annual salary: $53960;
    Nearby famous universities: Portland State University, Reed college and Portland University.
    07 Huntsville Alabama Average annual salary: $52960;
    Nearby famous universities: The University of Alabama in Huntsville;
    Huntsville is now the center of the us military high-tech industry, with a large number of high-tech companies involved in space technology, as well as the us Space and Missile Defense command.
    08 Washington Dc Washington Dc Average annual salary: $68000;
    Nearby famous universities: Georgetown University, Howard University, American University and George Washington University.
    The nation's most central political center, though not economically colorful, has a high average salary and a pleasant climate in Washington.
    09 Minneapolis Minnesota Prefecture Average annual salary: $55010;
    Nearby famous universities: University of Minnesota;
    Minneapolis is home to many of the world's top 500 companies, such as Target, an American supermarket chain, and Skyway, a bridge construction company, so it has more job opportunities.
    Ten Seattle Washington State Average annual salary: $61170;
    Nearby famous universities: Seattle University and Seattle branch of University of Washington;
    Seattle, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, is a modern metropolis that is both prosperous and livable.
    Thanks to large companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, Seattle's job market has been at the forefront of the United States.
    The following is the list of cities in Top100: 11. Des Moines, Iowa
    12. Minneapolis - St Paul metropolitan area, Minnesota 13. great rapids, Miami 14. Sarasota, Florida 15. Sherlock, North carolina 16. Santiago, california 17. Houston, Texas 18. Omaha, Nebraska 19. charleston, West Virginia 20. Portland, Oregon 21. Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
    22. Nashville, Tennessee 23. Sanantonio, Texas 24. Madison, Wisconsin 25. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 26. Honolulu, Hawaii 27. Salt Lake city, Utah 28. Richmond, Virginia 29. Portland, Maine 30. Boston, Massachusetts 31. Oklahoma city, Oklahoma city
    32. Little Rock, Arkansas 33. Tulsa, Oklahoma 34. Jacksonville, Jacksonville 35. Greenville, South carolina
    36. Albany, New York 37. cincinnati, Ohio 38., Fort Myers, Florida 39. Winston - Salem, North carolina
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