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New York Broadway specialty food, there is a saying circulated in New York, whether you want to taste the delicious juicy Porterhouse or New York strip steak, New York City steak restaurant can meet your demand for delicious steak feaSt.From the traditional New York flavor to the trendy steak restaurant, the New York City steak restaurant can satisfy everyone's taste.
1. The Strip House Strip House is definitely a good place to go if you want to find a fashionable and confusing steak restaurant to enjoy a wonderful steak meal.
The dim lights, the red walls decorated with velvet, and the black and white ornaments all create an extraordinary sexual atmosphere.
Big-appetite diners recommend a lobster soup from Strip House before meals, followed by a New York strip steak, rib-eye, or Porterhouse.
For side dishes (2-3 servings per main course), try goose-oil potatoes, black fungus cream spinach, or braised collard greens and kale.
2. Peter Luger Steakhouse For more than 100 years, Peter Luger has been famous for his delicious Big Bone Steak in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Actually, Peter Luger is not far from Manhattan.
He can get there very quickly by taxi, and the steak here is absolutely worthy of your admiration.
We recommend that appetizers choose bacon or onions.
Make sure they order their famous big Ding-bone steak, which is medium-rare (the third-cooked and half-cooked usually don't taste good), and try buttered spinach and potatoes by the way.
** Cash only.
3. Sparks Steakhouse Sparks Steakhouse is considered to be one of the most cost-effective steak restaurants, and it is also famous for supplying a variety of reasonably priced wines.
The top sirloin steak is the best steak here, and French sheep cheese juice is also recommended.
4. Keens Steakhouse Keens Steakhouse dates back to 1885 and has not been interrupted since its opening.
For the diners, this is nothing more than the experience of the essence of traditional New York flavor.
Keens Steakhouse's lamb chops are very famous, and both steak and side dishes are top-notch.
5. BLT Steak BLT is the abbreviation of Bistro Laurent Tourondel, and the famous chef has injected his unique style into the traditional steak restaurant standard of BLT Steak.
In this fashionable steak restaurant, the appetizer might as well choose the signature goose liver, while rib-eye steak and Hanger steak are the inexorable delicacies.
As for the side dishes, onion rings, potatoes and braised mushrooms are well-known.
All steaks can be served with custom sauces, including bernaise, horseradish and three different mustard sauces.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    went to study in the United States (1).

    A study in the United States, to the general steps The following is not the only way to study in the United States, but for most people, follow the following steps can save a lot of time and have a multiplier effect: 1, take the exam Although the exam is full of uncertainty, but still rely on strength to speak.
    So we must develop test plan according to their level of English;
    good friends should take Xiankao based GRE (GMAT), after TOEFL test strategy, because the latter result is valid for only two years, while GRE (GMAT) was 5 years;
    and for the common people, the first breakthrough came to TOEFL some, to increase the vocabulary according to the gradient.
    2, the choice of schools If the school choice errors it is likely to lead to favorable conditions have stagnated, the following suggestions can avoid this situation to a great extent.
    (1) before making choices, there are many factors must be taken into account      The first is to own English clearly in mind, and according to the actual situation of school choice, In order to avoid the profession wrong situation, the need for the school teaching level, scientific research level, professional settings and so on to conduct a comprehensive investigation.
    Understand the admission requirements, the school admission criteria, the deadline for admission, the competition is fierce, from an objective point of view to estimate whether they conform to the conditions of admission, many universities in the United States have very specific requirements and restrictions on foreign students, these are must pay attention to the place.
    Study abroad during which the most important is your economic base, so the emphasis on this point is largely determined by your students will in the end, not only to understand the various fees and financial conditions of the school, but also pay attention to apply for financial aid conditions and requirements, the actual situation of these and their after comparing and judging.
    Finally, just pay attention to the school where the climate and customs can adapt themselves, which is related to whether can live outside health.
    (2) the way to choose schools The State Education commission, the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Beijing library, Beijing Embassy cultural Office, Guangzhou 28 storey building, these units are the units of colleges in the United States to send "the introduction of the school term".
    In addition, you can also refer to the following books: "American University and college", "college", "guide to the choice of American college Handbook", "manual", "American college expenses," blue book "college grants, scholarships," Yearbook "graduate course list", "index", "the United States the World Guide", "University of American college Teachers list", "Petersons", for graduate study in the United States Yearbook "guide", "guide", "comparison of American colleges and universities HA by 85 years of higher education", "the list of graduate schools in the United States," guide "to the United States to study and research scholars chinese and chinese students can apply for grants", "World Almanac of American University MBA guide", "American graduate medical education.
    In addition, can also find related to the University in WWW online, online update of the fastest and most comprehensive.
    (3) screening methods in schools a.
    is the first primaries On the basis of the above information, according to their own conditions to select 20 to 30 school and give them a letter to ask for detailed information and application form, it is worth noting that although some schools can be directly linked to the EMAIL, but there are also many requirements of the first letter must be formal letters, in writing to the attention of the time to these details.
    for a detailed check material received The second should be selected according to the following principles: the first is whether the school of TOEFL score requirements - this is related to the country can get the scholarship;
    the second is GRE (GMAT) score requirements, many schools require GRE (Arts, engineering, medicine, or GMAT (Management Science), some professional schools in addition to some GRE (General), but also the special requirements (Sub) results, these have to be taken into account;
    the third is to pay attention to the school's application fee, first consider their own economic situation and then apply;
    fourth is financial aspect, must pay attention to whether to provide scholarships to foreign students, the amount of the local cost of living, and so the level;
    fifth, equipment and teachers in the school.
    The final stage of c Sent from admission notice to select their most interested in the school to apply for the visa to register, but also from the scholarship, the future, the number of students chinese transfer, etc (these data can be asked directly contact the school) are considered to determine the final selection.
    3, foreign contact (1) after the end of the examination, send the application materials to the school, including the graduation certificate, degree certificate, copy paper, letters of recommendation, self introduction, transcripts, and other schools have put forward special requirements (the application fee can exchange, in chinese above the bank please indicate their Name, birthday, in case of loss);
    (2) keep in touch with the school, teacher, through a variety of ways, pay close attention to the progress of admission, it is best to use EMAIL;
    (3) received the admission notice not to respond immediately, should the scholarship, fees and so on through deep thinking and make a decision, once the decision to receive admission and contact with the school, it's best not to change repeatedly.
    4, a passport 5, apply for a visa he Pacific Northwest with magnificent landscape city, the progress of thought and innovation, as well as his famous coffee and music This is a non trivial area.
    In fact, it is his own extraordinary love.
    Look at these special interests in the Pacific NorthweSt. Oregon Jinshan 1. vortex: With the Jinshan new phenomenon attracts many visitors: how can a stand?
    Why did the boy and his girlfriend changed the position becomes shorter?
    How can the water flows upward?
       2. Florence Oregon lions cave: First of all, you have to pretend to be Batman, take the elevator to the 100 feet below the cave.
    Then you can see the sea lions live in their natural habitat.
    Gracie's lounge Depoe Bay Beach Restaurant: waiter here can stick out different voices in the number on the bottle.
    This is very interesting, a bit like a small town version of the clown coyote.
       3. Portland Kennedy Institute of politics: This hotel is located in front of a primary school, each room has a high roof, like the coat closet, there is even a blackboard.
    You can play truant to the hall around, you can also enjoy dinner and drinks in the school canteen, of course, can not throw paper balls.
    4. Portland velvet painting art museum: This is a specialized collection of amazing velvet painting art museum.
    Maria, Jesus, Madonna paintings including unicorns, sad clown and Elvis Presley etc.
    There is a black room and a nude studio.
       The 5. Washington Long Beach marsh free museum: Simply speaking, here is like a souvenir shop like a circus, some babies and some strange biological specimens on display, and the crocodile Jack, and half the mummy, half crocodile tabloid star.
    6. Seattle Seattle mysterious museum: Here is not like a museum, but really love to engage in mystery, is a good place to discuss the aliens land on earth, or of cooper.
       7. Seattle science museum: You don't have to be a TV, TV model and clothing props, weapons science fiction fan, but to be honest, but here is very attractive.
    8. Seattle Archie Mcphee: The shops here have the most novel equipment.
    They sell the night aliens, decompression apparatus, bandage bacon and pickles.
    There must be something you need.
    Is there any thing we ignore?
    Now, you have to reveal the secret of "quirks.
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