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Black Friday offers a series of best promotions of the year, but not all promotions are high-quality promotions.
We have sorted out the misunderstandings of Black Friday.
Let's take a look.
1. Discounts start on Black Friday?
The world can't stop people who want to go shopping on holidays.
We usually think that most Black Friday special starts on Thanksgiving Day.
In fact, you'll see that many people recommend grabbing the Thanksgiving special rather than the Black Friday special.
Many inexpensive goods may be wiped out before Black Friday officially arrives.
This year's Black Friday and Christmas are only 26 days apart, so it is estimated that many businesses will start making special offers in the first two weeks of Friday.
Others joked that the sale would begin at the end of October.
2. Businessmen will stock up for time-limited bargains?
Time-limited bargains are ultra-low-priced products launched by businessmen to attract customers into stores on Black Friday.
Most businesses limit the amount of these goods, and basically only some customers in the most advanced stores can grab them.
Even so, we still hope that businesses can offer more time-limited specials.
3. Time-limited bargains are only available in stores?
Businessmen publicize time-limited bargains mainly to attract customers to buy more goods.
Nowadays, businessmen often argue with each other, and this kind of promotion is inevitably brought into online shopping.
According to past bookstores, up to 70% of time-limited bargains can be bought online, even at lower prices!
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Wailea Beach Wailea beach is located in Hawaii, Maui in the south of the Golden crescent, is one of the most beautiful scenery of Maui Island beach.
    The golden beach with the blue sky and the vast sea of integration, mutual, like a fairyland like beauty, in 1999 was named "America's best beach".
    Waikoloa Beach waves quiet gentle, very suitable for swimming, diving, sunshine to provide a good condition for sunbathing.
    The Waikoloa Beach has become a hot tourist destination, because of providing comfortable accommodation environment and sports facilities in two near the beach resort for tourists, allowing visitors to live happy, fun.
    Tranquil Waikoloa Beach is a chain of moments of enjoyment of the ideal, the best choice is also escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, sitting quietly on the beach, even what also don't do that, it can also realize the quiet and comfortable, leisurely and comfortable.
    Visitors can and beloved people walking on the golden beach, coconut trees can sit quietly under the eyes closed, can lie on the beach sunbathing, can dive in the sea and the companion to explore the magical underwater world. Theme: crescent Beach / Golf course Wailea (Wailea) is located in the southern island of Maui, known as 5 a beautiful crescent beach and world.class golf course, is a luxury resort area.
    It covers an area of 6 square kilometers, beautiful seascape stunning.
    This area is full of privacy and tranquility and sense of freedom.
    Address: Maui southwest, starting from about 25 minutes of Kahului Airport Traffic: Piilani highway (highway 31) to S Kihei Rd and then onto the main road Wailea Alanui Dr Wailea Time: all day long Many of the hotel There are 5 hotels in town, including luxury resorts, such as Weidangya Resort and Spa (Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa) and Maui Four Seasons Resort (Four Seasons Resort Maui Wailea at Wailea).
    The resort community and private apartments and stately are unique.
    Beautiful beach This area's iconic beach, including the 1999 "Best American Beach" - Wailea beach, Polo beach and Ulua beach.
    Polo beach is an excellent swimming and snorkeling, and Ulua Beach Park for the full exhibition and near the late time of walking and jogging.
    High quality golf course Here is the blue Wileya (Wailea Blue), golden Wileya (Wailea Gold) and Wileya (Wailea Emerald) emerald court consists of 54 hole Pu championship class golf courses, they made Wileya famous, but also see the golf top game not to be missed.
    Ornamental shop The store (The Shops at Wailea Wailea) tourism itself is the most points, here are world.class restaurants and shops, as well as conventional entertainment.
    The host is Wailea Maui Film Festival, 2 month whale Week activities, here is to provide the best Hawaii local delicacy and award.
    winning restaurant.
    The world famous spa Wailea make Maui trip a success, life will let you unforgettable.
    Wailea Beach
    Reason: one of the best American Beach
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Hawaii: [Hawaii State]
    Kirave volcano The Kira Vee Maher volcano is located in Hawaii, is a shield volcano, 1246 meters high, "Kilauea" in Hawaii means "flow" or "smoke", often describe the volcano magma emission.
    Indeed, Kira Vee Maher volcano is currently the world's most active volcano, the local people think that Kilauea volcano is a volcano goddess.
    The Kira Vee Maher volcano is currently the world's largest volcano tourist traffic, people want to see the magma flow style.
    Say that it is one of the most active volcano in the world, since January 3, 1983, over the years has been constantly spewing lava, the material ejected if the paved road, around the earth for more than three weeks, the Kira Vee Maher volcano 90% part is covered by the age of magma to 1000. Kira Vee Maher volcano is an active volcano in the world is still vigorous and active, often erupt, not every hour and moment in the activities, its average per second more than 1000 gallons of lava eruption, lava temperature can be as high as 1500 degrees celsius, enough to melt rock.
    The Kira Vee Maher volcano can bring mankind huge disaster, caused unimaginable damage to it for anything on the island of Hawaii, such as trees, buildings, wild animal.
    Anything through the lava from the volcano will be completely destroyed, become a piece of wasteland by magma erosion.
    K lauea
    Reason: the world's largest volcano tourist flow
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Hawaii: [Hawaii State]
    foster botanical garden Foster Botanical Garden is one of the three largest botanical garden is located in Honolulu, founded in 1855, is Hawaii's oldest botanical garden, is also one of the one and only the botanical garden, park visitors always continuously, the reason is that near the city center, schools and churches, Buddhist and Methodist, has been listed as national register of historic places.
    Although the Foster Botanical Garden area is not large, only 13.5 acres, but up to ten thousand kinds of plant species, especially in tropical plants are, including many endangered plants.
    Orchid Garden, botanical garden by economic garden, butterfly garden, singular tree etc, among which economic garden planting economic main beverage plants, vanilla plants, medicinal herbs and other plants, the singular tree living in the region have 24 different styles of towering trees.
    Walk among them, visitors can witness before seen only in books of tropical plants, embrace those thick, has a long history of the sky trees.
    The botanical garden trees flowers and grass trees grass, but also the local people take color for wedding and wedding banquet held the love oF- Southeast Asian Buddhists say can be found here, is said to have provided the trees from the tree's Ga Muni Buddha attained Buddhahood on the survival of the woman married to mention the tree node.
    Foster Botanical Garden
    Reason: Hawaii's oldest Botanical Garden
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Hawaii: [Hawaii State]
    Honolulu city attractions: [Honolulu]

    Na Pali coast State Park Napali Beach State Park covers an area of 6175 hectares, is located in the Hawaii islands northwest cliff on the coast, is one of the world's most spectacular natural scenery, there is a small group of people living in Hawaii this piece of green cliff near the sea environment 600. cara is the only channel path into the park, along the steep mountain climbing, you can see the remains of their life, there are temples and houses.
    If you want to walk along the beach on Pierre chiaki, must receive a permit from the Ministry of land and resources.
    In fact, if you want to fully appreciate the nature of the boat must take extraordinary as if done by the spirits, or helicopter.
    A good place for the Napali coast state park is hiking, climbing.
    Napali coast State Park
    Reason: one of the world's most spectacular natural scenery
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Hawaii: [Hawaii State]
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