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Self-driving travel is the most convenient way to travel.
With more and more people traveling to the United States, there are many questions about car rental.
The compilation summarizes the question and answer of car rental in the United States, hoping to help you.
For this problem, Xiaobian thinks it is better to rent a car in advance on the website or to find Yuehe Tourist Service to rent a car for you, and to rent a car in advance can select a suitable model, and it is cheaper.
Here we recommend several car rental companies:
Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Thrifty, the major car rental companies in the United States.
These are world-class large car rental companies.
They can directly access these companies'websites to choose booking, but the price is too expensive.
They have been compared on the Internet before, which is a lot more expensive than other companies.
BUDGET / DOLLAR is cheaper, but it's better to book a DEAL online first and go to the formalities to get the car.
In addition to this way, we can also make reservations on a professional car rental platform.
What documents do we need to show when picking up a car?
When picking up a car at a car dealership, we need to show four documents:
my passport, printed car rental certificate (Voucher), my credit card, my driving license (and English notarization).
Attention to American Tourist Car Rental:
1. When you encounter an accident or vehicle problem on the road, call the rental car company firSt.Even if you go to the repair shop to repair it yourself, people will let you notify the rental car company first, otherwise they will not help you.
2. When renting a car, ask clearly whether it is empty or full.
Some car rental companies will include a tank of fuel in their packages.
When they pick up the car, the fuel will be full.
When they return the car, they will have enough to drive back.
If not included in the packages, they must fill up the fuel before returning the car.
Otherwise, it will be very expensive to pay for the fuel again at the car rental company.
3. For tourists, GPS is very necessary, but it is not necessary to rent with the car rental company.
The rental company usually costs about 15 yuan a day.
If you rent for two weeks, it will be enough to buy a good GPS.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    colorado Grand canyon is the colorado river erosion after millions of years before the formation of the Grand canyon tourist attractions are mostly these natural landforms are steep cliffs and spectacular scenery, so in 1979 was listed as world heritage.
    5000 years ago, the Grand canyon area is inhabited by Indians, until now there are many Indians still live here, although only 5 Indians, but also because of the people to become scarce tour tourist attractions liSt. The Indians of the spots, lined up ten national flags fluttering in the tall flagpole, row in the side is an American flag, flag chinese ranked third.
    Why only ten of the national flag, is the tourists come here in most countries.
    Next to a few square metres of Pengsha, there are several large stakes in the same thing, there is one thick, one high, this is the year of Indian totem.
    Therefore, here is the Indian party festival held in place.
    Here, you can see the trunk with a shack made of branches and shack skins sewn up, resting on the gallows, surrounded the shack.
    Are conical, three meters high, with a low entrance.
    There are two square houses in the distance, is a row of tree trunks thick walls, the roof is covered with soil, these are simple residential indians.
    There is a circular stage, a few Indians in song and dance performances, from clothing and physical appearance, they are indeed indians.
    In front of them, with a canvas bucket, the tourists to small coSt. What is the tourists also don't understand they sing, they just feel very seriously, very much.
    The stage background wall, says this is the Indians living in the house, there is a huge round middle badge.
    Grand canyon National Park has many scenic spots, there are Indians living supplies, production equipment on display, there are Indians in the field now singing, now dancing performances.
    Indians living in the Grand canyon, they lived by hunting and gathering, they also planted corn, with prey in exchange for some daily necessities.
    In 1826, the Grand canyon is white occupied, Indians lost their territory for peace and freedom, step by step down.
    The 1 white be brutal and inhuman living environment, step by step, deterioration of their population decreased rapidly.
    At present, there are many tour guides in the Grand canyon of the colorado Indians, rent a horse, by the Indian guide the visitors in the Grand canyon Scenic spots around a turn, a deep valley in the adventure, the feeling will be very exciting.
    Don't miss the Grand canyon tour the world famous horseshoe shaped glass bridge, it is said that in 07 years was finished, but also by the Arizona India.
    Tribal leaders to open it, believe that the Indians and the Grand canyon to close historical relationship.
    Abstract: in Grand canyon National Park, in Southern Arizona in the Northwest colorado plateau.
    In 1919 the United States congress legislation, the establishment of Grand canyon National Park section of the Grand canyon, the most spectacular, about 170 kilometers long, designated as State Park, an area of 2724 square kilometers.
    Arizona travel Raiders.
    Grand canyon National Park, in Southern Arizona in the Northwest colorado plateau.
    In 1919 the United States congress legislation, the establishment of Grand canyon National Park section of the Grand canyon, the most spectacular, about 170 kilometers long, designated as State Park, an area of 2724 square kilometers.
    Note that this is only a national park.
    Because there is still a considerable part of the Grand canyon, within the Indian reservation area, the land does not belong to the state.
    If you include these Indian reservation, then, the Grand canyon length of 446 kilometers, a total area of 4930 square kilometers.
    Standing on the edge of the Grand canyon saw its beautiful and spectacular, let a person feel humble and shocking, it's constant ancient and forever, let a person plaint of human life very short.
    According to relevant data, the strata above the Grand canyon, is the youngest one, was formed 270 million years ago at the bottom of the inner layer of limestone, the oldest rocks, dating back to 1 billion 840 million years ago, and the age of the earth is only 4 billion 550 million years.
    Just take a look, all in front of one billion years of history!
    The Grand canyon was formed in 5, 6 million years ago.
    Due to crustal uplift, the formation of the colorado plateau, the plateau geology is unique, coupled with the colorado River (colorado River), which in a desert environment of year-round rivers strong cutting, coast rock continue to collapse, and ultimately the formation of the current situation.
    In fact, in front of the colorado river is not wide, heavy rains caused floods in the summer, other season, water is not large, because some of the upstream interception dam, the "yellow water" is more poor, from afar, like a ditch, people can not believe this spectacular Grand canyon, is shaped by this "ditch".
    But, please believe, indeed, and, in the long years in the future, this cut will inch to the Grand canyon, life is still changing continuously.
    The width of the Grand canyon, the narrowest 6 kilometers, a maximum width of about 26 km.
    The bottom of the narrowest point less than 120 meters.
    The depth of the Grand canyon (that is, only from the fall) we visited the southern plains from the colorado River to the river, will reach more than 1500 meters.
    The Grand canyon is endless, even in the view of the best place, can only see a small part of it is said that no one has seen it.
    But the Grand canyon really need to stare at.
    calm down, gazing at the vast expanse, it will give people a feeling of calm and empty.
    The Grand canyon is big crow flying in the sky.
    Thought is the eagle, is considered to have the vultures.
    Then check that it is a crow.
    I saw it spread its wings, hovering on the edge of the Grand canyon, looking for visitors may drop bread food.
    The sky in the background, more open.
    Because the valley formation in the structure, the difference between hard and soft, resulting in a long valley, gestos smells.
    Especially the valley wall section, joint clear layers, edge hill ups and downs, through the valley extension, known as the "living textbook of geological history".
    Even if we don't understand these geological knowledge of ordinary tourists, also from those of various colors and distinct Valley rock layer section, feel the earth changes geological wonders.
    For visitors, the most impressive is the Grand canyon color changes.
    Because the properties of rocks, minerals of the two gorge wall is different, in the light of the sun, will show different colors, and with the vagaries of the sunlight, the weather changes.
    Especially the Tequila Sunrise or sunset, shines, the Grand canyon is dyed red or orange, very spectacular.
    This is one of the greatest masterpieces of geological earth.
    Unique scenery, vast and extraordinary as if done by the spirits, spirit, the one and only.
    Is worth a look at the landscape of the nature.
    The Grand canyon is basically an east-weSt. So, enjoy the Grand canyon, you can choose in the southern and Northern (South Rim) (North Rim) and bottom (Inner Gorge).
    The northern margin of the more remote, an average elevation of 2700 meters, the opening time of the year is relatively short (up to 5.10 months, if it snows, cannot go up), facilities less, no public transport, for we china tourists, really is not easy.
    Of course, some people say, look at the Grand canyon in the north, will look better, because of its higher altitude, because it is there less visitors, etc.
    I have not been to, not clear.
    The average elevation of 2300 meters.
    Along the rim of the canyon extends nearly 100 kilometers, perfect facilities, open year-round.
    Therefore, the vast majority of tourists will choose to play in the southern watch.
    This time we went to the Grand canyon, the daughter is to choose the most classic southern route.
    The valley is only 700 meters above sea level, summer temperatures up to 50 degrees celsius, and the maximum temperature difference between day and night.
    Do you intend to challenge their own limits, may wish to consider carefully.
    To the bottom of several road, the Bright Angel Trail (Bright Angel Trail) is the most popular one.
    Although the path is steep, but the route length is right, to "Indian garden" and the distance is only 14.8 km, drop 933 meters, and on the way, with Restroom, and the supply of water, the hikers, is very important.
    On the same day and should not be a problem.
    This is mainly in the southern rim.
    We did not take the path down the valley, just take the bus all the way to enjoy the red line.
    But along with the vast expanse of the spectacular scenery, has let us surprised.
    Though we're from the eastern time zone of Michigan, Lansing, by plane (Minneapolis in Minnesota transit) to Las Vegas, and then drove 300 miles to the Grand canyon, a road roller turn around, fatigue, however, face of the Grand canyon, very worthwhile trip.
    This is one of the three largest national park in the western United States most popular (the other two are "Yellowstone National Park" and "Semiti Park").
    The whole world is one of the most natural landscape tourist assessment.
    Moreover, the traffic is relatively convenient.
    If to Las Vegas (which is chinese to more than the city), as long as two days, to the Grand canyon, to watch the constant ancient and magnificent, to feel empty and quiet, to experience that life is short and precious, will leave unforgettable memories.
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