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The United States is a tipping country.
Although tipping is not a statutory consumption item, tipping is also regarded as a social etiquette in the United States.
Generally speaking, as long as they are in the service industry, their basic wages are very small.
In many areas, tips are the main source of their income.
When many people arrive in the United States, they don't understand tipping.
They are reluctant to pay more when they spenD.They feel sad when they give more and embarrassed when they give less.
Franklin, the founder of the United States, once said:
tipping more is like a fool; tipping less is a fool.
He said that it should be appropriate to "tipping" in order to stimulate a virtuous circle:
within a reasonable range, consumers give service providers positive tips in the form of tips, while service providers, in order to increase their income and enhance service quality, can achieve the effect of harmony and pleasure.
What kind of restaurant do you tip for dinner?
Generally speaking, restaurants where a waiter serves you and comes to ask you what you want are absolutely tipping.
If you eat at fast food restaurants, such as McDonald's, you only need to return to your seat after ordering at the counter.
Such restaurants do not need tipping.
Another is Food Court in the United States, which is a common gourmet street with trays to order meals.
In this case, tips are not required.
How much should I tip for dinner?
Normally, lunch is a 10-15% tip, while dinner is a 15-20% tip.
If the number of people eating together exceeds five and the restaurant has a term Party Over Five, you have to pay 18% tip, otherwise it's rude.
American restaurants usually have only one waiter at a table.
At the beginning, whoever helps you order will call for him if you need anything.
Not when you see the waiter can shout, because your tip is only paid to him, so other waiters are not obliged to help you.
In short, this is a restaurant habit, you should bear in mind.
Tips for staying in a hotel?
Hotel Baggage Clerk:
Every piece of luggage is at least 1 yuan.
The concierge serves one yuan at a time.
If you go to a high-class hotel, you can pay more.
The guests usually put a dollar bill on the pillow of each bed before going out in the morning.
Tips paid by taxi?
Usually it's 15% of the fare, and there's a way to save money:
Shuttle, a common means of transportation, is usually between a specific public place and the city, such as the airport.
If you want to use the suitcase, and the driver helps you carry your luggage, give you an extra tip of one yuan.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Start the travel.
    Front Gate is the first stop of Yale, Phelps arch.
    Once learned English textbooks in the United States national hero Nathan Hale (Nathan Hale), 1755.1776, 1773 graduates of Yale University.
    He is the general George Washington intelligence agent, executed by the British arrested.
    Before his death, hale uttered the words read today: "I only regret that there is no second life for my country.
    " (I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.
    ) on the right side of the house is a bronze statue of Hale he studied at the Yale University when lived in the dormitory.
    Looking back on the Phelps arch.
    Yale chapel.
    Yale squirrel.
    Theodore Dwight Woolsey statue.
    Theodore Dwight Woolsey from 1846 to 1871 as the president of yale.
    It is said that Yale and Harvard: always lose, but when President Woolsey to watch Yale always win, he gave Yale people good luck, then people to touch the foot of statue, to achieve their own aspirations, so the foot was touched shinily.
    The statue of Pierson Abraham.
    Abraham Pierson is the first president of Yale, this statue is located in the old campus of Yale, located in the east of Tower Harkness.
    Harkness Tower.
    Located in the old campus of Yale (old campus) on the west, a typical Gothic architecture, built in 1917.1921, Anna M.
    Harkness charles William Harkness in memory of her son and donated charles William, Harkness 1883 and Yale alumni.
    The building is James GambleRogers, he presided over the design of a lot of Yale Gothic architecture.
    Yale Art gallery.
    The Yale School of drama.
    The Yale graduate student dormitory.
    Yale University School of law, the best American law school, the cradle of the United States Supreme court officer and President of 0. Stryn Memorial Library (Sterling Memorial Library) has more than 4 million books, is the largest library of Yale University.
    Built in 1931, Gothic architectural style, is the James Gamble Rogers design.
    John William Memorial Sterling Sterling, most of his wealth to yale.
    The designer is the initial Bertram Goodhue library, he planned to Nebraska city council building style, then James Gamble Rogers has modified the plan, according to the design style of the Gothic church, he asked from the street to see the building next to the Berkeley, so college is divided into two parts.
    After 80 years of years of baptism, the facade of the mottled granite rocks, the vicissitudes of the beauty of pop out.
    A Phoenician ship on the lintel, exquisite relief in Athens, Rome, the wolf and the owl Maya snake, and Egypt, the Babylon, the chinese, a Hebrew inscription from medieval monk, priest of the sculpture, the narrative of human knowledge and the origin of civilization.
    chinese punctuation and translation is simplified after is this: "big brother to the ministers of large, independent system, cross flow, or capture the main, or cut the principal culprit.
    When the reinforcements never hanging, caught a thief in court, self-assured or supercilious Enumerate incrimination, send in the foot blade, loyalty in color.
    I am not very old, jia.
    " After verification, this is a book written by Yan Zhenqing and "Yan Temple Monument" Tang emperor suzong group praise Yan Zhenqing cousin Yan Gaoqing a piece of content.
    Yan Zhenqing (708.784), the word Qing chen, Han, Tang Jingzhao million years (now Shaanxi Xi'an) people, native of Langya of the Tang Dynasty Linyi (now Shandong Linyi), china distinguished calligrapher in Tang dynasty.
    He founded the "Yan" Zhao Mengtiao, Liu Gongquan, Ouyang Xun and the script was called "the four great regular script".
    And how was called "the great calligraphy", become an independent school in china calligraphy history, popular for thousands of years.
    "Yan Temple Monument" full tang "Gutong meeting the doctor for Wang Youzhu's gift Xue mishushaojian Guozijijiu taizaishaobao Yan Jun inscriptions", Yan Zhenqing is confident, as his father Weizhen published Li yan.
    The wind of calligraphy show, edge brilliant, Yan Zhenqing as the representative of the art of calligraphy, a "piece of treasure" said.
    And it is also related with the Li Yangbing seal character known as "shuangbi".
    The first line of the monument engraved under the song taipingxingguo 7 years (982 years) August 29 heavy and Li Zhun postscript.
    According to this postscript, the Tang Dynasty stele of chaos, lying on the outskirts of dust, to the Northern Song Dynasty taipingxingguo 7 years after Li Yanxi found, only in confucian Temple city.
    "Women" s Table ", Lin graduated from Yale University Department of architecture design, dedicated to all the girls of Yale University.
    Before the girls never entered the Yale University study, then the rise of the feminist movement, the girls were allowed to go to yale.
    This table is a record of all the girls at Yale and the number of years.
    Talk about Lin, she is a famous chinese American architect, chinese architect Lin Whei-yin's niece, currently a member of the council of Yale University.
    But Lin's parents rarely talked to her chinese things, she did not know she has architecture designers uncle Liang Sicheng and aunt Lin, many years later, Lin did not know all this.
    In 1980, when he was 21 years old when Lin for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial famous Lin Ying was educated at the Yale University Department of architecture, to design a cemetery course work, over 1500 entries, won for the landmark washington.
    In the eyes of the people, this is indeed the legendary fate of a dream come true, but was only 21 years old Maya Lin, but because of her age, Gender, lack of experience, her asian background, so she insisted on using black granite production, according to the chronology of the arrangement of names, V word Abstract Vietnam Memorial shaping, become America was once the most controversial public art works to heat.
    Look back to the library.
    Beinecke (Beinecke Rare Book Library of rare books and Manu script Library).
    The marble wall can block the direct sunlight, and can ensure the brightness through some Xu Guang.
    Where the book valuable than life, because once the fire, will pull out all the air.
    The Yale memorial hall, Yale alumni sacrifice in the war memorial.
    The road next to the Yale School of management.
    Yale University Museum of natural history Peabody.
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