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America often gives us the impression that it is an open, humorous and interesting country.
If we travel to the United States, you may not understand the social etiquette of the United States, which may lead to more embarrassing things.
In dealing with people and things, Americans have the following four main characteristics.
First, be easy-going, friendly and accessible.
Americans are sincere, optimistic, romantic and friendly.
In the Chinese language, Americans probably belong to the "self-familiar" type.
In social occasions, they like to take the initiative to greet others, and are willing to take the initiative to find someone to talk to.
Americans can make friends with anyone if they want.
In the eyes of Americans, being well-connected and good at making friends is one of the basic conditions for personal success.
Those who are unwilling to expand their communication scope, or even refuse to approach others, are not only mentally problematic, but also unfriendly and respectful to their contacts and other contacts.
Second, be enthusiastic and open-minded, regardless of details.
In daily life, Americans advocate that we should pay attention to practical results and not to formalism.
They do not pay attention to etiquette, but oppose excessive rigidity in etiquette, excessive affectation, Americans meet etiquette, is about the simplest in the worlD.In the eyes of people who don't know each other, it's like neglecting others and perfunctory.
In general, when meeting foreigners, Americans often nod and smile, or just say "hi" to each other.
It's not a very formal occasion.
Americans even skip the most popular handshake in the worlD.Without friends and relatives, Americans generally do not take the initiative to kiss and hug each other.
Especially in business, they don't do that.
Americans seldom use full names when addressing others.
They prefer to call each other by their first names in order to show their close relationship.
Without official contacts, Americans generally do not like to address officials or to be "Your Excellency".
For academic titles and professional titles that reflect their achievements and status, such as "Doctor", "Professor", "Lawyer", "Judge" and "Doctor", they are happy to be used as appellations in interpersonal communication.
Generally speaking, for an American congressman with a doctorate degree, calling him a "doctor" would be more popular with the other party as a "congressman".
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    (International Business magazine editor Jia Yiqiang) The basic necessities of life
    clothing Mainly in the United States people's leisure dress.
    In the street to see the most is the t-shirt.
    In the United States have almost all indoor air, and cold to the cold.
    So even the summer, must take the coat.
    If the train or stay indoors for a long time, be sure to bring enough clothes, or with blankets.
    The temperature will not wear jacket heat.
    Buy clothes in the United States, the number of must see.
    The average American china than one people, so even if you could wear large, trumpet in the United States may be enough.
    In the United States the most suitable clothes for fat, no matter how fat, do not have to worry about not buy clothes in the United states.
    The clothes is most chinese, South Korea, and compared chinese still expensive.
    food I think the special was steak and fast food.
    The steak is definitely worth a try.
    Americans eat vegetables more than absolute carnivorous A steak 10 - 18 dollars, the absolute weight, to chinese food generally can not solve, two people eat juSt. Mainly to eat vegetables.
    "McDonald's" or other fast food is the most economical meals, about 3 - 5 dollars to eat a meal.
    The cheapest is "hot dog" or street food vending machine.
    Vending machine vending machine in some of the myriads of changes, there are hot tea, hot coffee, hot hamburger.
    The manual is very expensive to eat in the restaurant, most have to pay 10% 15% tips.
    And fast food restaurants and vending machines do not have to pay.
    But the American fast food shop must take good food buffet, most go to the counter.
    To drink it, the waiter gave you a cup, to pick up their own.
    After the meal after their garbage dump.
    But the advantage is not tipping.
    In the United States, and the tip is open, if the card, there is a column on the bill with the tip amount.
    The United States is a multi ethnic fusion, in the city, you can taste the delicacy.
    china restaurant is one of the most important foreign food.
    Italy pizza, French food, India curry, Japanese cuisine, Mexico cuisine, Thai cuisine and so on is not difficult to find.
    live The hotel is more expensive.
    Most hotels are chain operations, can access the Internet or telephone booking.
    But most hotel reservation requires confirmation by credit card.
    Generally speaking, the most expensive "Resort", "Hotel", "Motel", "Inn", "Hostel" is cheap, the cheapeSt. "Resort" is a kind of resort.
    There are golf courses or other entertainment facilities.
    "Hotel" is the most Traders Hotel.
    As we usually see in the country hotel.
    "Motel" is a motel.
    "Inn" is the hotel.
    Generally speaking, the "Inn" entertainment facilities less, but the room is almost, so cheaper than "Hotel".
    Finally, a "Hostel" is a self-service Youthotel.
    In the United States in addition to the "Motel" I have not lived in, the other 4 I have to try.
    I live in Phoenix is "Hilton Resort".
    It is built a mountain resort.
    The winter tourist season to $300 a room.
    A large room, villa design.
    The hotel occupies the entire hill, a golf course, a water park, the restaurant and other types of restaurants.
    The hotel can drive the road.
    Because the area is large, coupled with the Phoenix high temperature, are driving the hotel security patrol.
    We live in San Francisco is "Hilton San Francesco".
    The hotel in the city center, a large, not what is the difference between china and five star hotel.
    In the "Resort" and "Hotel" accommodation to give some tips.
    Each $1.2. Every morning the tip on the bed position obviously.
    If not, the room may not be carefully cleaned.
    Such as laundry, also need to tip.
    In the Minneapolis in "American Inn".
    Room 70 dollars a night.
    The room is large, the internal facilities are very good.
    The hotel is no restaurant, but there is a small swimming pool.
    A similar hotel chain and "Quality Inn", "Day" s Inn "," Holiday Inn ".
    The cheapest and the most interesting thing is to live "Hostels".
    On the train to Buffalo, I met a Korean student.
    She is only 21 years old, with her 18 year old brother to travel.
    We flat-share a taxi to go to the waterfall.
    She took me to her hotel.
    It is the American Youthotel.
    Then I lived in the hotel, each bed was 18.50 dollars.
    The $3 is a temporary membership fee.
    If you are a member, can be exempt from.
    The hotel buffet is a special hotel, all over the world. I live this is "Hosteling International" - "American Youth Hostels" branch, abbreviated as "HI - AYH".
    There are 125 stores in the United states.
    But each one different style.
    There are hundreds of rooms in the high-rise building, there are a few rooms of the family hotel.
    I live in the Niagara is a family hotel.
    The owner is an old couple.
    It is a three storey building, the first floor is a large kitchen, dining room, and a living room.
    When I went to the hotel, the old man is watching TV and a group of guests.
    See me come in, come to the reception.
    collect money, give me a bed, a bed of any appliance, said the third floor of No. 6 room can be used, and he took out a check rule to explain to me.
    A table tennis table second floor activity room, counseling centers, and travel guides, maps and brochures, all Free of charge.
    Here is some groups, such as the religious community activity center.
    I met a catholic 1, a free dessert can eat.
    The hotel is also regularly held a number of activities, such as sailing or windsurfing is a walking tour and so on.
    At night there are always people together to chat to every layer of the living room.
    Here is the number of young students.
    Everyone together to share travel experiences together, sightseeing, enjoyable.
    I think this hotel is the best travel to live, it is not only cheap, the most important thing is everyone's goal is to play well.
    But we must caution.
    General speaking questions just play around, does not involve privacy.
    According to introducing some self-service hotel also can arrange accommodation for families or groups.
    We can look on the internet.
    Website: Http://www.hiayh.org (USA), http://www.iyhf.org (global) , Http://www.hihostels.
    ca (canada).
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