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Top shopping attractions in New York Fifth Avenue is Manhattan's most famous north-south main street.
It covers many places of interest and top department stores in New York.
It brings together countless global luxury stores and flagship stores.
It attracts tourists from all over the world every day for its luxurious high-end customized clothing, jewelry and electronic products.
[Scenic Spots] Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, St.Patrick's Church, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art [Top Department Store] Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue [Luxury goods] Prada, Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Cartier, Versace, etc.
[Electronic Products] Apple Store, VERTU Flagship Store [Special hints] 1. Fifth Avenue is the way for New York citizens to hold celebrations.
If they are lucky, they will catch up with the performances.
It is very busy.
At this time, there is no traffic on the Avenue.
2. Tourists on Fifth Avenue, like knitting, should take care of their personal finances.
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    ABOUT state local customs, tourist attractions
    Study of freshmen introduction: credits into campus important than we build
    At the end of September, foreign students have experienced nearly a month of school life, from everywhere in search of cheap textbooks to find appropriate roommate with the landlord, a large selection of courses from consulting advice, multi system to work hard to stay up late to write Paper, confused and helpless from all kinds of organizations, Party and noisy at night.
    After the initial excitement and excitement with a little confused, the new wave of students is slowly adapt to the foreign university's rhythm.
    - new story "Yale quicker had no time to review" - Guo Yupei, Yale University in 2013 9 month "One day tomorrow, the next night, there is a need to pay Paper, us time at 1:29 at night, Yale University freshman Guo Yupei was busy writing the homework.
    A few hours later, she again went to the classroom to start a new day course.
    The university life is fast-paced, no time to let me back.
    " came to the city of Haven in New, a member of the Ivy League, Guo Yupei began to feel the students said before the joke contains meaning, "here, is to buy self deadline.
    " Guo Yupei said, the Yale University study quite nervous, professor in class just outlined key only, all the work must be finished in class learning, "personally, after class each class spends at least two hours to finish the homework and review.
    In American universities, there are few sets of homework exercises, mostly reading and essay.
    At the same time, the arrangement of Yale University courses require students to high level of consciousness: most people only four courses a semester schedule, look empty, but I still have to finish homework and extracurricular activities in their spare time reasonably and efficiently.
    " This semester, Guo Yupei chose French, advanced mathematics, cognitive science and a combination of philosophy, history, religion and Literature Seminar (Seminar), "Yale college has more than 5000 people, but the school to ensure that every student can choose small seminars with professors and other students to discuss close.
    We see a fierce ideological collision sparks, this is my most precious experience.
    " "Friday afternoon to accept Yale Daily News prompted by a sudden impulse (newspaper) manuscripts, did not think Sunday will be the deadline.
    I did not sleep a wink all night for all department of astrophysics wrote about Yale interview on the ArXiv website to download the cramming astrophysics, day Sunday recording, others are in the evening Party, and I am finishing other media reports.
    " 9 11 April, nervous experience Guo Yupei in Wechat circle of friends make complaints about writing for the school paper.
    In the past three weeks, Guo Yupei almost every night in the community through the new recruit and training, she also tried out for the campus newspaper, including hosting radio, solar panels are assembled before she had never been involved in the activities, the school has greatly small hundreds of student organizations, recruit Xinhui dizzying.
    Every night there will be a student organization recruit Xinhui, lectures, dinners, seminars, and even the night.
    " Although the beginning of the college life is stressful and busy, take care of the school freshman but is meticulous "School education (orientation) period, there will be a series of lectures and activities to help students familiar with the campus A week before, and every kind of activities (collectively referred to as pre.
    orientation), the organization of international students familiar with life in the United States, or the new organization love outdoor camping".
    Guo Yupei said, she attended the international students pre.
    orientation, and met many good friends there.
    The school also allocated for each new unriddling for sister school seniors, called freshman counselor.
    In addition, there are a series of students' spontaneous mutual aid organization for international students Peer liaison etc.
    For an international student, away from the familiar environment and culture, loneliness and pressure is inevitable.
    Although had been studying in the UK life experience, Guo Yupei said, under the huge cultural differences impact, or will be very easy to feel helpless and confused, doubt yourself before adhere to the guidelines, "American interpersonal values and chinese very different;
    Americans with passion is known, but few people seem to deliberately maintain a friendship.
    In the past 1 months I met at least hundreds of people, most people eventually become only a nodding acquaintance with.
    The only thing I can do, is to clearly express their true thoughts.
    Just know roommate, we have a few people together to discuss the scope of acceptable behavior.
    And American friends out of party, I also made clear their own bottom line.
    " "People say over Don't rush to repair America's new too much credit Zhao Jingyi, graduated from University of california at San Diego in 2012, is now a senior adviser to the New Oriental future abroad course The United States university regulations, international students each semester course not less than 12 credits, in order to maintain the identity of full-time student.
    It must pay attention to.
    Like the UcSD 2 week audition time, not love words within 2 weeks can be cancelled.
    There is a very good website (www.ratemyprofessors.com), it provides students to rate and comment on the teacher's platform.
    In addition, in order to avoid the full course and choose not to happen in the first class, scheduling should try to consider alternative subjects.
    In addition, the big moment is not recommended at once to repair a lot of credit, because of a large, more than 2 large classes, students can find like.
    minded little chance, it is better to find some campus work opportunities increase with foreign students, to better integrate into the campus Looking for cheap textbooks The textbook is very expensive, a book more than $100, or $1000 to Amazon, school boards on the Amoy book, transferred to sell.
    Some students are allowed to rent textbooks.
    The Rent-a.
    Text site links to 800 university bookstore, rent textbooks for a semester fee is half the price to buy it.
    can search to be cheaper than the price of books or books on campusbooks.com, bigwords.com, kayak.com and other sites.
    Do the homework Group discussions are free form groups, with members not so deep chinese intersection, the students began to often dare not express their views.
    My experience is to play their own advantages, what all don't hope to mate.
    Such as chinese students ability as foreign students do the project as they are beautiful, but our advantage is chinese perspective, I was quoted by chinese restaurant fortune cookie marketing model, which is a foreign student, would not understand.
    consult the student elective before Australia 2012 - Wang Shaobo, graduated from the Griffith University in Queensland Australia hotel management professional, is the Eic group Beijing company Australia ministry adviser course Three years of university curriculum arrangement system, there will be a multiplier effect.
    I was due to the lack of experience, the first semester of the course is entirely their own exploration, which also led me in Australia did not adapt to the premise of learning life, hastily took a course for freshman very difficult class "Accounting", as to mumbo-jumbo like.
    That just to Australia students can consult the school's Student center (similar to the students at home), let the staff for the professional person in charge of providing curriculum and professional guidance.
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